Angel Code

Angel Code of Conduct

We feel it is very important to keep the ego at bay and respond to a warm angelic code of qualities to abide by. Hereby we present to you our very own code of conduct for our training school and organisation. This is taught to all students who use our courses. For any enquires please contact us in the first instance. Thank you.


  1. Be an Angel and exhibit Angelic Virtues in your own true qualities.
  2. Keep everything above board and legal.
  3. Be honourable in everything you do.
  4. Provide unconditionality with love to all you meet.
  5. Allow love to flow through you to others.
  6. Be light hearted and have fun.
  7. Always provide protection around your self when working with others.
  8. Be an Angel.
  9. Remember where you come from and who you are.
  10. Provide love to all those who need it in whatever form of goodness this may take place.
  11. Forgive and love others.

Always ask first before providing your service onto others.

Have a heart, lead by example and keep within the teachings your Angels provided.

Client Relationship

  1. Always announce who you are and provide a clear description for your service.
  2. Provide an honest and caring approach to all types of clients and networking collegues.
  3. Become aware of your own boundaries and stick within them. Accept what you are qualified and capable of doing and do not go out side of this remit.
  4. Give permission for grace when you collide with others thoughts, opinions which may be against your own set of beliefs.
  5. Do not take another's power. Each individual has awakened upon their own separate spiritual journey and are you are here to teach and learn from each other.
  6. Do not judge others for their lack of awareness, knowledge or understanding. Be an Angel and allow this to take place, supporting your clients and remembering you once began without the knowledge you are providing to others. 

Financial Matters

  • Always keep to our Angel Code and any other membership/associate organisations you have membership with.
  • Do not become greedy when providing your services and allow the ego to implement a take take attitude.
  • Keep records of all transactions and keep business matters as professionally sound as possible.
  • Have a visual complaints, privacy, terms and conditions or confidentiality clauses on your front page for all to see. To send to others upon request.
  • Provide a written contract and reciept for every exchange you provide.

Qualifications & Expertise.

  • Provide a personal bio description so others can see your academic qualifications which you have taken.
  • Avoid placing false descriptions or false qualifications and credentials and provide certificates upon request.
  • Allow for CPd to take place through out the year by taking up courses, workshops, reading and researching your specialist topics of knowledge. Keep up to date.

This description cannot be amended or plagarised by yourself, we may require to change or amend without prior knowledge. This code of conduct has been created and provided by SpiritualHorizons2016.