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NEW:Feedback: I have just completed a course in a Diploma in Angel Communication.With the support of Joanne and Gemma the course was inspiring and enjoyable.Very informative and easy to understand.It has been enlighting and has bought me so much closer to the Angels.With signs to confirm our belief.Angel blessings.Toni

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Getting to further know my Angels

I was looking to further my development in working with my Guardian Angels, and Angels not only for my personal development , but to work on a far more deeper level with my Angels to help me eventually become an Angel Life Coach.   I was after a non-expensive course that would  not only allow me to gain a qualification in having a deeper connection with my Angels, but, to learn all aspects of communication and the different ways  the Angels can help you.  I thought I already knew every possible form of communication, but Spiritual Horizons have widened not only my knowledge of working with my Angels, but with each module of the course, further deepening my communication. Spiritual Horizons are professional, and are there to help you with any question that you may help, the student forum is a great way of speaking to like-minded individuals who want to deepen their connection with their Angels, especially relevant in this day as more and more people are turning to unseen friends to help them with their everyday life. Sara. W -Current student of ACE course online.  

I took the course and I am getting to know my Angels much better. - D.Crabb (Graduate)

I found the course thoughtful and provoking of old concepts and patterns  regarding by self-belief and self worth.  The course gave me the confidence  to believe in myself and trust that I was more than capable and worthy of  communicating with the Angels.  It is well presented in clear neat sections  with easy flowing language everyone can understand.  The questions are well  devised and help you to engage with the information in the course allowing it to  sink deeper into your mind and knowledge base.  They make you think about  your own life, what improvements you can make and encourage you to see  everything in a new more positive light.  I now feel I have a deep bond  with my Angels and I can hear their guidance more clearly.  This has  greatly improved my life and encouraged me to set up my own spiritual business  online in which I give spiritual readings as a Medium.  I would definitely  recommend this course to any of my friends and I am looking forward to enrolling  on the new advanced Angel course and Dream therapy course that Spiritual  Horizons are currently developing.  I would rate this course as nine out of  ten - S . Curran. ( Recent Graduate)

I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand more about angels and learn how they can be a real part of your life. I have completed module 4 and am really enjoying it. Not only am I learning from the course text, but at the same time I have found that when I am open to experiencing as well, my angels are truly there giving me all the help with the practical lessons that I need.  It's brilliant actually, I just asked my Guardian Angel  to please arrange for me the best learning experience possible.....and yes the practical is there alongside the theory for me - Heather. Australia. (Graduate)

Well researched, interesting, fun loving, meeting your angels for the first time. Astonishingly beautiful - Sarah.USA. (Graduate)

I really enjoyed this course because it starts from the very basic Angel Knowledge and it helps you step by step to grow in strength and love towards yourself and your very own Angels. This course has taught me what I needed to learn in fun and practical measures and has research to tickle your angelic tastebuds. Excellent complete angel course. Amazing - L.Holland. UK. (Graduate)

Incredibly fun, interactive, fullfilling and amazing course. Truely recommended - S.Deluka. USA. (Graduate)

I have really enjoyed this course (Angel Communications Course) and I can't wait to do another one with you. Thank you. S.Maskill