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Angel & Spiritual Course Directory

At Spiritual Horizons we warmly welcome you to our course directory. Our courses are co-written with our own Angel Teams. We offer our courses certified by our own established organisation.

Our courses of study are hosted by course craft which is an independent safe educational platform that allows you to log in throughout the duration of your course to access the full course content for your particular course.

Course craft provides you with the means to create your own account as a student and to have the full ability to instantly have access to your course materials.

The full directory of online courses are as follows:

There is a page for each one under this parent page so you can learn more about each course before your purchase.

Angel Communication Expert Course. (ACE) 8 Modules.

Preparing to Heal (P2H1)

Exploring your Emotions

Angel Channelling Course

Angel Hierarchy Course. 

How to Enrol.

All students can purchase via the links found on the bottom of each of the course pages to the course craft website.

There you will require to register your interest and make payment through Paypal.

After making payment you will have instant access to your course and you will have multiple access to the course during the duration of your course. This is a licence for just one person and it is strictly forbidden to use it or resell for any purposes.

During your course you will be able to join our student forum and access meditations on the A.C.E course.

If you have any issues enrolling please contact us at courses@spiritualhorizons.org.uk

or our contact page.