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It is the work of the angelic realm's messages that has flowed through us, that has enabled to help many people from all sorts of pathways through their life to spiritually grow.We give thanks to the Archangels & Angels for allowing us to flow words of advice and wisdom to others.

Our Angel Readings includes a summary of the card, a personal angel guided message which has been channelled and also 800-1500 average words. This is an emailed online service, but if you live within the Derbyshire, Staffordshire area or Manchester Area, we also provide face to face private angel readings.  Follow the link to our angel reading to make your purchase today and see how you can benefit from angelic advice in your life.


*NEW* Wow.  Thank you so much for the reading and the really strong accuracy of it.  I can’t believe how much it has touched on all of my concerns.Sara.C 1/2015

All in all, a very good reading with good evidence, and interventional advice. I'm a very hard person to read for, so often when some-one gives me a reading it can get jumbled up or have elements of truth without a lot for me to trust. I'm not sure why this happens with me, but I often have to shrug it off. This time I'm glad to say I don't have to, and it's encouraged me in a few directions that I know are right. Ben.

We recently provided Angel Author Jenny Smedley an angel reading and here is what she had to say

This is very relevant in many ways, so thank you. I will ponder the advice given and I'm sure it will be very helpful! Love Jenny 
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It is the work of the angelic realm's messages that has flowed through us, that has enabled to help many people from all sorts of pathways through their life to spiritually grow. We give thanks to the archangels & angels for allowing us to flow words of advice and wisdom to others. This testimonial page is a blessing to the angels for what they do for mankind. Thank you all.

I am going to pass your names on, both you and Gemma are very gifted and spiritual people, there are many people in this line of work but not all work from the heart as you two do. - Judith.

Wow, thanks alot! I felt alot from reading that, I think in essence it is spot on. Joshua

This reading really gave me a boost, thank you it is very accurate. - Judith

WOW! It's really interesting how relevant alot of that stuff was, like really really relevant to what is going on with me at the moment. It's nice to hear that stuff! - Tom.

Thank you very much for your reading, it was very insightful. Thanks again for the reading, I am very happy with it. Take Care love. Sandra

Thank you so much it makes a lot of sense and is pretty accurate. But the part about the career just blew my mind, because I didn't even mention it and you picked up on it. Thanks so much.- Lesley. 

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful and explicit reading Gemma :-} You were so accurate in all aspects of the reading especially about me writing before and just giving up.I have started my journal entries as of today.I need to thank you for telling me my best friend and love will come back into my life again (prayfully for good)very,very soon...Thank you again and May the Divines Blessings always be upon you. - Rosey

Thank you so much for your gift of a wonderful reading can relate to this reading so much, and yes I do see the little sparks of light, have done for a long while now.I''m hoping that very soon i can  communicate with the angels myself.  I  appreciate the reading you have given me so much ,and i thank you for your time.  Thank you so much for the guidance you have  so genourously given me. You definately have a connection to the angels Gem. I will be a regular visitor to your site,and wish you much love, joy and many blessings in everything you do.   Love and Light - Mary Barrie

Thank you SO MUCH for your reading. It gave me motivation again to pursue a healthier and happier life, because I've spent a long time doing a whole lot of nothing.  I felt like that was what I deserved. Plus, I was too scared of reaching out and trying something new. So I really & truly do need to forgive myself. This reading was seriously 110% accurate. So thank you SO MUCH! I really, really appreciate it! Love, Light, & Laughter, - Sam

Thanks a lot for taking the time out to give me that reading... Pretty much everything was spot on, and the advice you gave me was great. On an accuracy scale of 1-10, I'll give that reading a 10. Nothing you said was off and most readings I have received, there has been at least a couple misses... thanks and have a great day - Anon.

I really appreciate you giving me the reading, but I also appreciate your breakdown and based off what I’ve received from others, my own thoughts and experiences, you are dead on. The worst is behind me. No one has picked up the fact that I have negative thoughts about myself except you. Keep up the good work and god bless
thank you - Melissa

Thank you so much for this reading. It brought a lot of clarity and it's now more easy for me to make decisions that will be for my highest good. I appreciate your honesty and welcomed your honest words.... In no way was I offended :-)  Thank you again and Angelic blessings to you.  Love and light, - Sharon  

Excellent!~!!!!!excellent~!!!!Wonderful reading and very true.Thank you~Many blessings- Dee. 

Thanks hun, i really appreaciate the reading, most of it has me bang to rights but its good to know the angels think there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel xxx - Colette, Wirral
Just read this over again and you've answered a lot so thank you - Chantelle, Manchester
Thats Brill Carol thank you so much xxx - Steph, Warrington
Thanks, it does make snese.  especially the animal one!  i feel they understand me better than humans do, much appreicated and thank you - Stacey
I think your reading is right on, very accurate and totally fits me and what is going on in my life.  I'm glad it had some words of encouragement to it as i totally need that right now.  i do dwell on the past too much and how people have hurt me.  it is a big issue that i need to deal with trying to let it all go and move on.  I'd say all cards were accurate, the 1st card applies to me as i've started a website but haven't really gotten it going and i want to do more photography and arty stuff.  very spot on reading.  - Jennifer, Fort Lauderdale, USA
I am normally a sceptical person and even though i enjoy supernatural things, programmes etc i have never really thoguth about getting a reading done and now i have received one i actually got really emotional at the accuracy of what Carol had written.  she does know me well but the little things like me enrolling in college there is no way she could have known about that simply because i haven't told anybody yet at all!  Carol's talent and accuracy goes without syaing as i am now a believer!  - Bonnie, Birmingham

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