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  1. Angel Knowledge

    Angel Knowledge is something you will always discover. It is ever expansive and the Angels like to love you on a consistent level and definately something your mind would never be able to comprehend. What I love about Angels is that when we go all wobbly or dark, they are still there to light our way as a permanent strong bond with Love.

    Our Angels are radiant, loving, forgiving, intelligent, awesome, cherished, fighters and defenders of Love, they cut the rubbish from our lifes in an instant flash with no sweat or fear. They are here to love and to teach you to love again. Love is such a deep emotion but society ignores it as it's a word or something shallow. It is not. Love is an intelligent and loving energy which created you to live in the world that we know as planet earth. They are too large for you to even comprehend and that is why we call it God or other names.

    Our Angels have your back, you may not see them but please always "accept" that they are there in the present with you. Angels are of any frequency and what ever you do at any level, they are right there with you. They will not leave you or forsake you. If you are considered doing something too fearful, as in my case Archangel Michael will bellow in a fatherly way and put you straight back into Love.

    Don't allow the head to discount their existence,they do exist and your heart will tell you that they are.

    Angels come in many forms of love and light, they are obedient to love only and will serve you only if you come from a loving side. In their own words "We are a team". They have your highest intentions as priority. Do not devalue this just because you cannot see them. Behind various veils are real people and just because they don't have a physical vessel like we do, it does not mean they exist.

    Angels Exist and they too have fun, laughter and they have parties and anything loving goes.

    Angels also help you with various aspects of your life and if you are looking for Romance the Angels of Love can show you how to in eye opening and polite mannerisms. There is nothing that your Angels can not do. They are the We Can do it team. Just ask them and they will help you manifest your dreams.

    Our Angels are like best friends, they create with the energy around them, loving affirmations and they can perform their duties with the right amount of care required to leave a angel feather as a token of appreciation.

    Angels realise we all balance our life with some amount of fear. If this is the case, the request their help daily and ask for the fear to be erradicated from your life. You are allowed to live in a peaceful and loving world. They love you and we should love and respect them. They are like a city of Angels which we sometimes cannot see, but if you believe you will become open to their colourful world. Their colourful world is deep and intense, the colours are various and beautiful.

    Our Angels are our top prioritise to work with them and we need you to tell others about the reasons to live for love. Love is what is required and it can be tough but together we can form a joint team and we can keep love being created by

    Forgiving on a daily basis

    Gratitude list

    Being kind to yourself and each other.

    Praying for peace and healing on our planet earth.

    Ward off self pity and pull back your power from others. "I know take back all my power that I have given to others without my consent"

    Communicate with our Angels daily and be thankful to them.

    Angels exist but do you dare to believe?

  2. Angel Healing for Depression.

    I have battled with Depression two years ago and during this dark stage of my life. I never realised how I felt so one with them and the loving energy which surrounded me was physical to my eyes, that at one point I thought I must have been dying. I am unsure what I went through but what I will say is this. They have made me profoundly dumbstruck with awe at how Love with the help of our Angels can indeed help cure your depression and help you towards a journey of recovery. Recovery is the key word within the world of mental health these days. When others have used various services, I had the lucky extension of being aided and nursed back to health by my Angels. They are so respectful, honorable and most definately miracle workers.

    It all started out when I left a company just over two years ago. It felt like a big wet sponge had sunk over my head. I felt really damp and low in myself. I don't know if it was a mental breakdown or a heart attack or something happened and I fell to an all time low.

    The thing is my memory has wiped out most of what I saw and I have clung onto most memories of what I seen with my eyes. I wanted to share with you how your Angels can help you in every way possible towards a healthy recovery from depression and anxiety.

    To begin with I was walking back home drenched and I arrived at the tram stop and I just broke down in tears. I had never cried on such a deep distraught level before and probably never since. It was pouring down and all I saw with my mind's eye and my physical eyes was Archangel Michael in an armour suit on looking like he had just picked me up and carried me somewhere. The feeling that came with that scene was one of humble respect and I don't know, I have never felt anything like it in my life. I came home and I ended up giving work up. I had totally crashed and I was stationed in my bed for at least a year battling a severe depression.

    From that moment, I had seen so many Archangels, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters that I was gobsmacked at how many entities come to aid me. I felt Comfort inside and out of me, love the most beautiful love around and within me and also various other sensations such as compassion and peace.

    Archangel Michael provided the fear buster and every day without fail he removed the fear from me. Somedays I didn't understand what and how they did things, I just felt energy shifts but I also was requested to cut cords myself by seeing them before me like a black thick cord and I would literally take a pair of sissors and cut it off. I would see it go twang and then the healing came in quick and fast.

    Archangel Raphael was on hand to order that and to replemish any lost energy with lots of love. My dearest friend Raphael he was helping to reprogramme my past and change myself to build my energy up. He removed my blocks and helped me by cheering me up.

    Archangel Chamuel was on hand to clear up to mend any ill feelings about myself by providing me with unconditional love and teaching me to love myself. He did this by lots of warm love around my heart and soul and by whisking me up to his mansion and showing me around. It was having fun that was on his agenda. I was ill and he cuddled me until I felt nice and accepted again. You are deserving of love and you are love and so Archangel Chamuel teaches you to forgive yourself and to eagerly help you accept love as the number one energy for mental health. An example of him being around is one of feeling wrapped in love blanket and for example the TV just stated "You are doing so well, we love you we love you".

    Archangel Metatron helped me overcome my sensitive nature. When you have anxiety and depression, you will notice that everything becomes amplified and indeed my needs were met. Of course after healing came his cube and they helped me in every way to feel protected and cleared of any lower energies almost on a daily basis.

    Archangel Uriel, Muriel and Jophiel also aided my recovery by the psychological affect of depression made my ego become more disciplined, clear thoughts and by making them beautiful. In additition to this, Archangel Muriel managed to aid the peace of mind and clear away all mindsets which were held bent on destruction.

    Archangel Sandaphon had a constant flow of prayer for help to get over the negativity and fear. This is produced by the brain and the ego. In a depression, your brain goes into overdrive and it tries to take over in a fight against the heart as it has been found out that it is not the true self as society makes it. My Archangel Sandalphon teaches me to be gentle as for me dealing with my head being negative all the time tired me out and created a frustration which I wanted to get away from my own mind. Archangel Sandaphon deals with music and so his cure and advice was also equal to the help of everyone else. That was to listen to your favorite music. You may not feel up to listening to it, but even having the radio on does help you focus away from the mind and the thoughts.

    Archangel Ariel also helped me out in nature as I firmly believe that nature does cure. It is the antedote towards shutting your head up. For myself, I found that it soothed my mind. Archangel Ariel helped me by being brave towards fear and negativity and when I found myself wanting to give up on hope. She as well as all the other Archangels was on hand to usher out the self pity and the victim inside.

    Archangel Haniel helps with cycles of desire and when you are wanting to self harm or to hurt yourself through your own mind thought processes. They are able to support you through comfort and cutting off cycles of depression and how the moon can assist you with cutting stuff of on a full moon and begin again on a new moon cycle. They also aid you with the recovery of joy and replace your way of feeling with wave of joy and a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Archangel Cassiel used to do sleep overs with me. He sported a traditional strippey night cap,and a teddy bear and he helped to count my blessings, be my best friend and offer me a crying partner for all the tears I shed. Archangel Cassiel is also a blessing to me as he helped me with isolation issues and fears of being unloved.

    Archangel Azrael when I was at the lowest point and my mind was trying to kill me off, he flashed his vanilla sparkles at me and he came in. When I wanted to die because I was tired of living or that my head just kept swinging attempts of you are not worth a thing at me and every one else. He was there to ward off the pain and to comfort me and shower me with love. I am absolutely overwhelmed by them. They blew my mind away.

    Archangel Zadkiel helped me to learn to become more compassionate towards myself. As you can see with depression you will find that fear and being unloved is the opposite of love and so he taught me to see through the cloudy glasses of self doubt and barriers of self worth. They were all so fun as well. Even when I could not laugh and I was filled with anger. They were brilliant and I am sure there was more.

    Archangel Gabriel was my creative friend, I sang, I did creative expression and I journalled. I was helped to stay dim free and to allow for my heart and soul to express who it was without intimidation from the dark lights and demons that I fought. I was able to be creative and spring with illumination. Archangel Gabriel was there to help me communicate how I felt to my doctors and to allow myself self compassion in a light humoured way.

    My Archangels stayed with me when my mind was filled with fear and doubt, even sometimes when I thought I was going out of my mind they were still there. Even when I screamed and shouted in fear for it all to stop. They were still there. Even when I was at my darkest hour and my mind went almost too dark. I was rescued and they still loved me. My mind to say the least is sometimes still defiant but with much love and forgiveness I am still here. My mind is so clear nowadays and it still has hiccups but there is no way on earth I could have ever survived if it had not been for Love and my Archangels.

    The Mental War and Anguish

    was served to breakdown was was old and to make way for a new improved Joanne. My head still thinks it owns the show, but I always hear my saints, my heart and soul with my Angels saying "It is not you"

    This is still something that most people and sometimes myself "still does not grasp". Your Angels only listen to your heart and since your heart is pure divine love. It is your heart that feels the pain when you listen to your head. This is difficult when you have depression because the war is felt when you have to somehow over come the pain of your heart to beat your mind and the thoughts that it creates.

    Archangel Uriel is smart when it comes to thought processes and he can heal you by changing the frequencies of your mind to a more loving wavelength. He whispers in your ear on a frequency and if you relax your self down that much you are able to hear what he has to say. He can cut off some of the old and distorted memories passed down through your life and previous lifetimes which have embeded within your mind in order to throw you off key. He also imprints your mind the memory of who you are and with his help he can overthrow your ego with a push of a button.

    Angels are so light hearted and a simple request  can aid such a response from the team that they will swoop you in aid in a switch of a light bulb. You can bet that they are nothing like you will find on earth. They profound me to this day. Angels can indeed help you, do not underestimate the power of one and they will honour every heart that honours love.

    We are at war, the battle has commenced the heart is the true self and it must over come the strength of the mind. Our mind is deceitful, it makes you think you are something which you are not. It allows you to filter all the bad stuff such as negativity and fear into a way of making your life a misery. This is the case with depression.

    The head will spiral out of control if the heart is weak. So exercise is required to strengthen your heart muscles. The head or other wise the ego is a non functioning muscle which does not feel like the heart is. It lies the path of destruction and creates the illusion that it is you. Well it is not and you have to learn and trust the heart to feel. Always ask the Angels for help they are there to stop you from fearing in the first place. We are all love to begin with and they are here to remind you of that.

    Depression comes with a toll on the heart sometimes and it is vital that you play,be creative and trust yourself and your Angels to provide you with the love and strength to see this through.

    You are not alone, you never are and you are one through your heart and soul with love and the Angels too. The head with great pleasure tries to alarm you and makes you think you are not worth being with anyone. This is a lie and a great comfort to you is this. That your Angels will teach you to ignore your head and learn to listen to your heart. In doing so, will create a great companionship with each other and love. The brain is just a muscle and the head will at least argue that so is the heart.s  However, the heart is what rings true and the heart feels but the head doesn't. You may feel that you doubt, you lack self discipline, you may even feel anger which really only buried hurts and past resentfulness. It is this awareness of releasing the past which will aid you with the raising of your spirit towards enlightenment. Your Angels allow for time and patience to heal you, they aided me with time off work to recover and in trust they will also provide you with the capacity to take heed and move forward at a pace suited for you.

    Mental war is something you are fighting as a collective, you are never alone because your heart is with your soul and equally you are one in love. Do not dismiss this statement, love is our divine creator and they will support and change your energies to help aid your recovery. Your creator knows your most inner self because Love is within you and knows you inside and out. Depression is healed by expression, showing and being your heart and following the desires that it brings about with change. Are you listening to your heart?.

    Ask the Angels today to make a change and ask for their help. You cannot do this alone and you will be blessed by such angel awareness they will blow your mind away. Do you have to believe? yes sure you do but don't dismiss the power of love because miracles do happen.

    Another thing is to ask to be connected to grace and this will offer you the forgiveness that you may have required through the pain of being harsh or bad towards each other. You can either say with full intention. "Can I connect with Grace please" and you can do this for a loving flow of love too by saying "Can you send love through me please" or even "Can you send white light to me to cleanse my aura" These are power statements which I learned from my Archangels. Your words are powerful, please watch what you say as sometimes you cannot stop them from being created. However, by saying and believing that it is true, it will happen to you. Don't allow your ego to discount or devalue them and you will be fine.

    So pray a simple prayer and accept that your Angels are with you.

    "Dearest Archangels, please can you come into my life and share with me the love, freedom of speech and the compassion for me to recover from depression. Please can you help cut off the past which is aiding such depression and allow for myself to learn to love again. I pray you may provide me with the signs to know you are there for me and so this may build up my confidence in believing and trusting in you. I ask from my heart with a sincere place that you may offer me healing, compassion and forgiveness for my depressed state of mind and allow illumination to take place so that I may heal and help others to do the same" In love I pray.

    Please let me know by making a comment if this has helped you in any way. If you would like to share this great article please link it back to this page.

    with love and great light



  3. Angel Life.

    Angel life is all around learning to intergrate your angel knowledge into every day life. Angel lifestyles is having the abililty to work around fear and negativity in order to make an equal amount of love, joy and pleasant feelings yours without feeling threatened by others or your own fears.

    There has never been so much poisoned information put towards humanity as the waves of fear lash over the world in according to dark thoughts and media attention then ever before. How can we counterbalance this?

    The one thing I had battled with was the mind and the heart, the ego and the mind can be so powerful and yet the heart can be so strong as well.

    Our Angels influence our every being in according to the laws of attraction and love. The signs that are repeated and are sometimes subtle that you have to become a feeler not a thinker to know them.

    Angels do exist contrary to other people's closed minded thinking. We do not judge these individuals but we do advise about listening to nay sayers. They work from out of their own fears and ego's and at the end of the day. Angels are famous through out aeons of time and space to own the title of being truely divine.

    Angels can exist in today's lifestyle and here is a short article on how they can help you.

    Guardians are there to be our friends, they are there to keep us from feeling lonely, isolated and have plenty of advice if only we would listen. Our Guardians are beautiful, tall, radiant, gentle and very powerful. They stand guard with your heart and souls. They are equipt you to enable you walk in line with your lifestyle and accompany you to your life purpose. How do you feel their presence? I hear you say. They are warm and loving, if you are not sensitive you will see visual signs of white feathers and coins or angel clouds that remind you of their gentle arrival into your life, when you feel you are up to your head in stress. If you are sensitive you may sense their presence with the warmth of their wings, you may feel your heart warm with nice feelings, you may see sparkles in the corner of your eye.

    Your guardians are always coming and going according to your requests through thoughts and prayers. They will also guide you with your inner guidance. When you stop in your steps and you change your direction or you feel something is not right, the repeated thoughts or songs are signs by your Angels but they are often discounted as just thoughts. They are not to be ignored.

    Angel Lifestyles includes making friends with your Angels, go on give it a go. It is not harmful, they will not hurt your feelings and nor will they make you feel horrid. They are loving and we are truely respectful of their energies towards us. We forget that they are here to keep you safe from spiritual or psychic harm. They are sent by our creator to protect and keep us loved unconditionally. In a world where terror may reign or fear, we can find shelter from the storm with our Angels.

    Having an Angel lifestyle involves re tracing our steps and beliefs towards how we look at each other and yourself. Emotional wellbeing is evolving the way we see each other and how our Angels will build the strength that you seek without harm but with awe inspiring wows.

    Angels are here to help teach you to go against the way of the world but to become more harmonised with the waves of love. A word that everyone quite often relates with sex or romance. Love is unconditional and the best way to work with love is to join our Angels and build a new community or life style which reflects a better outlook for yourself but for the world we live in.

    Love is universal source of everything which is good, abundance, loving, gentle, powerful, greatful and anything which reflects great pleasure and the feeling of good loving, respectfulness and anything which reflects the good nature of your own heart.

    Our Angels are strong in faith and love, they have the ability to not ever falter once and will always be strong for you no matter what you feel or think. You will come around eventually and awaken to the heart beating to be heard not hurt.

    In an Angel lifestyle it is to create inner wellbeing, creating a time away to restore your inner strengths, it is to see the good in yourself and to see the abundance that you deserve. With many media channels telling you to struggle and become surpressed, it may feel really stupid to think you deserve so much better.

    A good Angel lifestyle involves living to suit your heart and soul but not your head. How many times do you ignore your feelings and then later think I should have listened?

    A good angel lifestyle uses trust in the unseen, rather than seeing is believing quite often used to control alot of people in this world.

    A good Angel lifestyle begins behind closed doors and includes bravery, intent to change and trust yourself and what you really yearn in life.

    How do we get started?

    Ask your Guardians and Archangels to enter your life right now. Yes don't doubt you too can do it. You are allowed to feel and be heard, be free from stress, doubt, fear, the feeling of being unloved, anxiety and disappointment.

    Your angels know you so act now and start your Angelic lifestyle now.

    Try it for free, it is an eye opener if you dare.

    The law of free will requests that you ask for them to enter your life. When you say a prayer and you ask God for help, you do not often get an answer because you did not give permission for Angels, Saints and your creator to enter your life to help guide you.

    Try this.

    "Dearest Heaven, Angels and Saints, I would like you to enter my life right now and I request you to help me with changing my lifestyle and to guide me through my life. I thank you for doing this for me and I request that you provide me with clear signs that you exist and I thank you for sending me the signs that will enable me to recognise your presences. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    Try this:

    Go out into nature more often and especially if you are someone who is stuck to the tv screen, laptop, tablet or computer screen. Nature is a wonderful thing. Ask Archangel Ariel to work with you when you are outside, look for flashes of grass green sparkles. You may be open to seeing images of a beautiful angels with an elegance and brave posture that you would expect from this Archangel in your mind's eye. You may see swan's or a flock of birds surround you or you may sense that she is with you with her energy feeling free and loving.

    Try this:

    Be open minded to things that can make you feel better, nicer or light on the heart. Be guided to trust your signs as three or more. Signs such as 'we are here' or 'Angels' being repeated over a period of a day or a week or a few weeks.

    Try this:

    Have faith and look towards heaven. You have gone on faith by just asking that you have Angels by your side. When you feel defeated look towards your Angels for they note everything which you have done correctly or loving. They do not judge you and nor does any God who is from Love.



    We would like to know if you sense any Angels during this time of reading this article. Share it and don't  forget to check in with your experiences.

    Next article will focus upon the Archangels and how they can change your lifestyle through healing and love.