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Category: Ascension

  1. An Angel message

    Posted on

    Angel Knowledge

    Angel Knowledge is something you will always discover. It is ever expansive and the Angels like to love you on a consistent level and definately something your mind would never be able to comprehend. What I love about Angels is that when we go all wobbly or dark, they are still there to light our way as a permanent strong bond with Love.

    Our Angels are radiant, loving, forgiving, intelligent, awesome, cherished, fighters and defenders of Love, they cut the rubbish from our lifes in an instant flash with no sweat or fear. They are here to love and to teach you to love again. Love is such a deep emotion but society ignores it as it's a word or something shallow. It is not. Love is an intelligent and loving energy which created you to live in the world that we know as planet earth. They are too large for you to even comprehend and that is why we call it God or other names.

    Our Angels have your back, you may not see them but please always "accept" that they are there in the present with you. Angels are of any frequency and what ever you do at any level, they are right there with you. They will not leave you or forsake you. If you are considered doing something too fearful, as in my case Archangel Michael will bellow in a fatherly way and put you straight back into Love.

    Don't allow the head to discount their existence,they do exist and your heart will tell you that they are.

    Angels come in many forms of love and light, they are obedient to love only and will serve you only if you come from a loving side. In their own words "We are a team". They have your highest intentions as priority. Do not devalue this just because you cannot see them. Behind various veils are real people and just because they don't have a physical vessel like we do, it does not mean they exist.

    Angels Exist and they too have fun, laughter and they have parties and anything loving goes.

    Angels also help you with various aspects of your life and if you are looking for Romance the Angels of Love can show you how to in eye opening and polite mannerisms. There is nothing that your Angels can not do. They are the We Can do it team. Just ask them and they will help you manifest your dreams.

    Our Angels are like best friends, they create with the energy around them, loving affirmations and they can perform their duties with the right amount of care required to leave a angel feather as a token of appreciation.

    Angels realise we all balance our life with some amount of fear. If this is the case, the request their help daily and ask for the fear to be erradicated from your life. You are allowed to live in a peaceful and loving world. They love you and we should love and respect them. They are like a city of Angels which we sometimes cannot see, but if you believe you will become open to their colourful world. Their colourful world is deep and intense, the colours are various and beautiful.

    Our Angels are our top prioritise to work with them and we need you to tell others about the reasons to live for love. Love is what is required and it can be tough but together we can form a joint team and we can keep love being created by

    Forgiving on a daily basis

    Gratitude list

    Being kind to yourself and each other.

    Praying for peace and healing on our planet earth.

    Ward off self pity and pull back your power from others. "I know take back all my power that I have given to others without my consent"

    Communicate with our Angels daily and be thankful to them.

    Angels exist but do you dare to believe?

  2. Ascension Tips 2

    Posted on

    Ascension Tips and Isolation Problems.



    Remember to ascend can be a lifelong process which can follow aspects of loneiness upon a journey of enlightenment. If you respect and belong to heaven, then it can be an enriching program of self worth, love, and cherishment of divine intervention.

    From the moment we are born, we are placed here on earth to learn, grow and strengthen our soul. It is the divine plan that each one of us return back to their creator and to learn how to truely love from within and bring that loving out into our world.

    There is much talk about the "ascending process" however, it has been one which has been given to you since the time you were born. You came here with a "life plan" to complete over a period of a lifetime. One which is deemed enriched with excitement and great times ahead. Ascension is to learn to return back to a golden era of Love. Love is a balance of controlling the dark within you and also the light. Love is deemed to be anything that is not any of the following.

    • Fearful - fearmongering
    • Negative values of self worth
    • Judging others in a negative respect
    • Hating and killing others
    • Showing no mercy or forgiveness to others
    • Treating others with treason and threatening behaviours
    • Showing no love to one an other
    • Malic & Spitefulness
    • Disrespecting each other and mother earth
    • Harsh towards your self and hurtful

    The ascension process is all about "letting go" letting go of the things that have literally dragged you down in spirit. The way we are today is something of a mystery. We go through these ups and down's and never know what we are doing until we stop and search within our self. The world is stretched to it's limits because social pressures are providing heavy expectations of negativity upon your spirits. Examples such as "work related stresses, anxieties to pay the bills, media pressures to conform for example: making purchases on impulse, but yet when it comes to the world of spirit, you are longing to relax into the arms of heaven and become one with your creator.

    The way in which we can do this is to learn to first let go, allow heaven to intervene and make measures of love, hope and understanding to you. Heaven is surrounding you and is within you. When you search within your soul and your heart many riches which have been lost due to the age we are currently living within. All you have to do is ask Heaven, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit guides or God, Allah and any name which you name your current Father.

    When asking ask with a respectful and pureness of heart, because this is the level of respect requested upon asking for help. Your God is within you, so they know what you need before asking. However, there is a law which stipulates you need to ask in order to recieve.

    Prayer does not have to be serious when asking for help to evolve, it does include some faith and an open mind for the return of answers though.

    Today prayer can be expected as written poetry, singing a prayer, traditional Lord's Prayer, or simply writing it as a letter to heaven and asking for them to begin your own ascending journey.

    How do I ascend?

    There is so much mis mash of information which is good to use for basic research. However, it is grounded that the following points can help you to begin.

    • Get out in nature much more, this grounds you and provides a connection to your mother "earth" she needs you and she can help you to express your inner self, make you replemish your energy levels, and to help you connect to your Holy Father in heaven too. Being in nature is also said to help you relax and warn off "depression".
    • Get rid of your ties- we mean to let go of anything which has become stale in your life, such as people you are no longer in touch with, or negative people who put you down or pull you down in other negative aspects of life.
    • Open your mind- There is nothing to fear about doing this, it gives us out of the box perspectives in all matters of life and it also provides our heavenly Angels and masters a bridge to talk to you. They can drop hints and loving encouragement into your mind as thoughts that came out of no where.
    • Love yourself and earn self- respect- You are allowed to feel love, to think of your self highly and to free yourself from the negative traits of darkness which keep you trapped under your ego/mind.
    • Forgive your self and begin healing- Make a list of things from your past and find the courage to face them. Ask the Angels, Ascended Masters or heaven to take them away and ask for healing today. It's so simple.

    Let go of past hurts and sink them into the bin- Write a list of people who have hurt you and see if you can forgive them.  

     To "ascend" is to confront the past, so we can move up into the future. People fear about doing this and some times it can be painful but each individual is special and equally comforted during this process. Learn to love and hold on to all that is good. See Fear as an illusion, remember the times when we think back and say " is that all it was".

    Ascension is only difficult if you let others dictate and hold on to your freedom. The mind is one major problem and it can cause you to believe that you are anything but a loving being. Your heart is pure love, it is the mind that can tell you other wise. So another example of learning to ascend is to remember that you have to ignore the negative mind and ego.

    How do I cut off the negative?

    You can learn to cut ties and cords with our short modular course.

    This short course is perfect because it teaches you the steps to release and heal your past and the darker qualities which need divine intervention.

    Ask is the most basic tool which heaven authorises you to use. Ask heaven today to make that first step up the golden ladder of love.

    Love is abundant and you can reach out in faith and change your world view today. If you believe that all things are bad, misfortunate, rejected. Then look inside your heart and allow your self to see the opposite. See how good a person you are. You are free in spirit and you are allowed good measures to come to you.

    Please make any comments in the areas below.

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  3. Earth angels- A message from our Angels

    Posted on

    It is a great time where the earth and many individuals are experiencing a major change in direction.  A spiritual growth and a change in the way we live our lives. The angels have always resided amongst you, serving, guiding and helping each individual as you walk on the earth plane.

    Today, it is a great time of spiritual awakening, one which will bring forth a new communion between angels and mortal men and women. Once there was a spell of time , when angels were unseen and served you in solitude behind a spiritual veil that has lifted.

    It is now when we offer you greater assistance to rise your spirit and set yourself free from your worries of life. We the angels no longer stand behind the curtain of life and we ask each of you to believe in your own divine self.

    Every prayer that is offered, every cry for help, every plea for assistance is never ignored. We work endlessly to help you every step of the way in the life you wish to lead.  The time has surpassed when you long to feel peace and love in your life, in the life of others and that of your planet earth. To each individual it means a great spritual awakening and growth, it is at this time you will wonder how to communicate with us.

    This is a simple process to choose, for we never burdeon you, we simply ask you to release the ties of worry, stress, anxiety and the heaviness of the working life. From here onwards you will be set free if you follow three very important steps.

    1) Learn to love again and take heed the fact that the earth is once again in it's rightful place.

    2) Forgive yourself and then each other.

    3) Have fun and view things in a light hearted manner.

    Our angels are hampered by our unawareness and just by acknowledging them you up a relationship of love and companionship. Please invite them into your life.  Gently prompt us, guide and instruct us, done we listen to their answers, because they can be the answers to your prayers. However, many of you ignore your inner gut feeling.

    The idea of humans & angels combining the essence to harmonise both the physical realm with the spiritual realm. To create a bridge where both angels and humans can meet in harmony and live a life of love, to be filled with love.

    Perhaps the notion of a fused angelic and human bridge between heaven and earth. Evolving conciousness of both aspects of the divine self is something of a new concept for you. Regardless, of your current belief system it is a time of change and it's your journey which will now commence. Enjoy our website and take account of the words from our angelic guardians as they will provide you the light through the tunnel. The releasement of your past and a positive review of your life, so that for now you are one step closer to reaching your spiritual horizons.

    This is a beautiful message given to us by the angelic heavens.

    Please share this with others by providing a link to our website as a sign of respect.

    many thanks

    Jo & Gemma