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  1. The Angel Lessons

    Our Angels in a way are the way they are because they are in essence pure divine and loving beings who lift us up out of the hardest of reality pressed upon us by this world lead by society. Dependent upon our own world views and perceptions. People are being made into robots having to adhere to the pressures of life by working for less money in some circumstances, pressures to work all the hours “God sends” and not receiving any entitlement to receive a rich and abundant life. Are all set beliefs governed upon you and created in a way for fear to control the masses? It sounds really negative.

    If we just stopped what we were doing in this fast approach to life, we would actually see that the flaws in life are quite opposite to the ones which heaven and our Angels are trying to catch our attention as you have the race of life in your grasp. The world just keeps becoming harsher when in reality if we all just stopped what we are doing, we would catch a breath and decide to slow down and enrich our lives with more love and happiness. Yes you deserve it.

    Life they say is how you make it, but there are many set beliefs and conditions of worth thrown upon us, that make it harder us to follow our true self, the heart and follow the head instead.

    Society is a riot, no emotions, full of

    We are becoming well aware how society is pressuring you to be hard as nails, and show no emotion as you simply become a robot to working till you drop in old age. Is it a wonder why there is a strain upon your heart to hear the gentle words from our angels. You simply end up drained, feeling run down and you try your best to feel good about yourself and enjoy loving.

    The belief in allowing yourself rich time in love is something we should all work towards and feel we are entitled to receive. Love binds everything together, like one happy family. Our Angels are individuals with characters but they come as a collective. Just like you have one family such as your own soul group.

    Angels teach you the fundamentals to healing and this includes self love too. It is agreed that the heart and soul begin to merge as one and then when you allow self awareness and reflection to kick in, then this allows you like magic to ascend to better things all within love. Leave the lower energies behind and allow your Angels to teach and guide you to live in a more prosperous world and a happier one.

    Inner awareness is the key to changing your outer world. What is churning inside is what you are creating on the outside. When society teaches you to ignore your inner feelings, this alone can become heart breaking to your own life.

    Love is the key to all things,

    Our Angels want us to be aware that love is you and you are love. In order to lift yourself to higher way of life, one must afford to cut off the difficulties in life and for our Angels to capture you when you release from the lower side of energy. You are now required to let go of all burdens in life, all your worries, all your negativities, lacks of, fears and heart aches, we your Angels have a desire to heal you from these and yes this is your entitlement.

    Trust in your Angels and become more loving, because after all they care for you deeply. Be grateful for their help. Be grateful for their help and allow yourself to open up to heavenly options, rather than just earthly ones. Just because you can’t see, it does not mean they are not there. We experience our Angels with our hearts, rather than our minds. Society tells us that we must have an ego and follow it; heaven tells us to follow the heart. Our Angels are there to hold us in love and bring us back to the beauty of love.

    Love is not scary and I don’t personally understand why we search for love, when love is from within us after all. That is why we are taught to be still and know I am ... love, me, happy, divine, abundance, positive and the list goes on.

    Love is incredible and love protects us in ways you would never understand upon a conscious level. They let us have life in order to feel and use our senses. In order to return to him/her as our true father and mother creators and say here this is what we achieved in life, this is what we loved, and this is what we created. Our creator is everything, so the only way they can experience life is through YOU.

    Love is therefore everything we need to be, love, happy, abundance, gratefulness, burden free. Feel free to add more as we go along.

    Love therefore was happy to send his Angels to look after us when we decided to come down to the earth plane which had its fair share of healing to do. Angels are said to be an extension of love the creator in order to help save us from darker energies overwhelming us, and to allow ourselves to awaken up and allow the divine in to help us. Teach us that we are love and mini creators on a tiny scale. You are allowed to be free from your minds and love always wins.

    In a lot today, forgiveness is the key, and then there is compassion which is provided daily to anyone who requests it. However, then there is healing. Our Angels can help guide and assist you in any form of healing request.

    Our Angels can only intervene in your life if you choose to ask them in. Why be worried if they are love and are here to love you. This is your ultimate quest- a simple believe in them and allow them to open you up to a bigger world of love and life.

    A simple prayer can do the trick, simply out loud or from the heart say:

    “Dearest Archangel Raphael and your teams of healing angels, please can you break down any barriers that stop me from feeling love. Please come and allow my heart and soul to heal and to begin my healing journey with you” It really is that simple.

    Spoken words are powerful, so be careful to talk only loving and positive words. You speak who you are and so what is spoken becomes.




    Our Healing Angels are lead by a dear close friend of mine, Archangel Raphael, and he can direct you to any area of healings such as

         Addictions: smoking, comfort heating, allergy complaints.

         Negative behaviour patterns- mental thoughts, negative traits,

         Negative emotions- distrust, disheartened, disorientation, disorganisation, hurt, anger, unloved.

         Physical ailments: sickness, operations, skin and joint repairs, respiratory complaints, heart.

         Emotional wellbeing, depression, anxiety, stress

         Chakras and auras- tears in your auras, chakra rebalancing, psychic daggers, ties, cords.

         Past life healings- connecting to your askaric records and treating common ailments with ties in your past lives.

         Healing daggers, cords of destructiveness, webs of hate and tubes of energy drainage.

         Working within healing professions- doctors, wellbeing practitioners, nursing, alternative medicine.

         Training within any medical or wellbeing practice.

         Ethics and politics within healing practice.


    Ask with love today, and you can become open to a whole new world of healing you with the excitement of our Angels. They are fun to be with and on a whole. It is only you who can make this change.

    Healing and Angels part two coming soon.

    Joanne holds a B.A (Hons) Education Studies with healing arts at University of Derby. Within her healing element she has a profound knowledge of energy healing and has studied experiences of illness, performance and practice of healing and has worked for over 8 years with her Angels. She works alongside Archangel Raphael and has her own team of Angels working through her own practice in Manchester. Joanne knows on a very deep level the scale of hurt in the world and as an Angel team is here to make aware and allow others to heal with the Angels.

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  2. Fun and our Angels: Real experiences when communicating with our Angel friends.

    Most people today always channel important messages, which they convey as universal secrets, common errors or how to make a change or private messages that relay reassurance from those which have passed to those who are seeking it and become more cheerful.

    What most individuals never seem to share these days are the fun experiences you can have with our Angels when communicating with them. Some of these experiences, I would like to share with you.  It has always been said that our Angels will portray part of their persona which can help acknowledge the person’s wave length and which can assist in allowing the person to relate to the Angel in a way which would be understandable to each party.

    Angels can be a class act without fear being involved; they are pure and loving and in real terms have never known fear except when dealing with it in our world.

    They are a whizz at creating fun and party times and many a time, I have heard them say there is another party. Fun replaces the most seriousness found within people when they have too much weight upon their shoulders. Too much debt worries, friendship errors, or fear of the unknown.

    Fun wards off the darkness and can allow you to keep in contact with the most inner child who in our adult life we can sometimes neglect and fun can relieve the heart from tensions, which can then allow for a feeling of lightness and joyful energy afterwards.

    Angels are said to have wings and they state that wings let you lift yourself up and over dark and negative situations which then can never allow you to fall down.

    Real Experiences of Fun with our Angels

    • You are a free spirit and this means your energy is not just caged within your body. Many a times I have played hide and seek with Archangel Cassiel. I have seen him tippy toe from one building to the next and peek around their corners. I have seen my spirit project out that I have found him and vice versa.
    • Other times I have sat making my creative handmade cards with Archangel Gabriel and their teams. I had the impression that they all rallied around and were making them with me. At the end, in my mind’s eye I saw hundreds of brilliant greeting cards and they shot across my mind as a visual imprint, like hundreds. It was awe inspiring and I will always remember it to this day.
    • A simple song: “Shine a light on her” and then the Angels saying through my ears “and glow”. Is a more simple measure of placing a smile on my face.

    Another time, I was walking in the middle of Manchester city centre and for some unknown reason, I first thought it was my guardian angel, but Archangel Cassiel was just telling me it was him, as he was showing me his tippy toes, in a very child like manner. They pure essences and very individual. His toes were half the size of a small child’s hand, it is the only way I could describe them, and he is absolutely sweet.

    • Yet another time was when Gemma had asked Archangel Michael a sign in the yellow pages directory, when a few years ago she was looking for jobs. She was scouring the book and she asked Archangel Michael for a sign in relation to what she was searching for. She opened the directory and directly upon the book it said “sign makers” now at the time it was really funny.
    • Another time she requested a sign on the train coming up to see me. Looking out of the window she directly seen a large Bill board which stated “Sign” upon it.
    • Another time, (rude ish be warned)- I was playing on my Nintendo DS and it was a game called Sims- Castaway. I said “it really windy outside” just as a family member blew wind and apparently I just laughed.

    The thing is that we have synchronised angel experiences when we

    • Ask for fun with them, as Angels like to play and have a good laugh.
    • It is the opposite of sadness and downcast, so if you need to be cheered up, it is likely that our Angels would step in to help, if only you request it.
    • You are entitled to fill your life with happiness. I think for myself it took a long while to accept that what the Angels were trying to teach me, was I was allowed to become more positive, based upon life scripts and conditions in life placed upon me.
    • Be open minded, the Angels can play pranks if you dare ask them, and you have to be comfortable accepting they are real and you can be aware of not discounting experiences with them.


    Examples of having fun.

    Our Angels can help direct us ( and they always tell me to say ‘never say never’) to places, times and people who can help us to relax more and have a good time.

    Our Angels can guide us to allowing ourselves to be free from the old grind and to enrich our lives to the full. Here are a few simple ideas to get the ball rolling. 

    • Hobbies- What have you always been putting aside recently?
    • Days out- Try travelling to somewhere totally random.
    • Go to the theatre or concert for a change.
    • Play a board game- do a crossword or have a match with your friends.
    • Play a new sport- it’s new year, let’s get fit.
    • Take up a fun course- there are plenty of “leisure” courses out there.
    • Join our own ACE Diploma course and have fun directly with our Angels.
    • Buy a joke book and read it, it may give you a light hearted outlook on life.
    • Play a prank but a pure jokey one and last of all
    • It is okay to bring out the child in you; this can be healing in essence. 

    How do I ask my Angels to help me have fun?

    It is easy really, all you have to do is say a prayer but be sincere about it and expect maybe not immediately but over the next few days to see things change.

    A simple request may include:

    Dear Archangels, please can you help me to release anything which is stopping me from having a fun time in my life right now. Thank you. Can you also provide and set fun times within my life and show me directly how you can joke around with me. 

    Just be honest in what you would like and be careful for what you wish for. A direct example would be Archangel Michael being the one who can play the most pranks. As he is fear free he just loves being around fun people.

    Don’t be too worried about well I’m not a good laugh, they see the true inner you and can align themselves to laugh at the same things you laugh at. Remember, you are never alone, these Angels are special, they can have teams of angels on your side, which can assist and teach you to have fun who can relate to your own inner expressions.

    Now try it and come back and share your fun experiences. We would be really happy to hear some of your very own experiences. So be sure to return and tell us them. Do not ever worry about if it sounds stupid or others won’t get it. The thing is you felt it and you experienced it. Free from discounting remember.

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  3. How my Angels have transformed my life via a healing issue.

    Foreword: This account is incredibly true and touches your heart. Sara is a up and coming Angel Care Practitioner who is a current student of SpiritualHorizons. She indeed set up her own website which is currently in progress where she will be able to share with you her own Angel services, advice and accounts. Meanwhile you can contact Sara via spiritual horizons here or by leaving a comment if you connect with her angelic accounts at the bottom of the page.

    Two years ago, I went through quite a serious mental breakdown due to the loss of my job, a loss of a few of my really good friends at that time and other  factors in my life at that present time. I could find no way out of this turmoil which I was in other than at the time. I felt the only thing that I thought was viable to me was to walk into the sea down at a beach (now to others this may seem ok, but I can’t swim…)

    Anyhow, something or someone stopped me in my tracks, and I sat on a rock and somewhere a voice in my head that said “don’t do this, everything is going to be ok, please don’t do this... you are here for a greater purpose”.

    From that day forward, one slow step at a time my Angels help transform my life, I started to go out again and do the one thing that I love which was my readings and I lost friends through the breakdown, but at the same time I gained new friends who to this day are the best friends I could of every hoped for, they say it is always those you don’t know the most, that become your best friends, and I am involved in every aspect of their life now, even becoming godmother to one of their children this year. I then got the job that I still do today, and made lots of friends and am even going for a promotion now, and all this has been due to the fact that my Angels, have healed me in a way that I never thought possible, they taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was and that there is a whole world out there to be viewed. My angels healed me as I had some nasty wounds from the past, and with the help of my Angels, these issues have been healed. The greatest testament to this has finally being a)able to write about my experiences so I can share it with you all, and b)finally getting the word out there, and starting up my own website about my journey as an Earth Angel, and, all my experiences along the way.

    Always believe that your Angels only want what is best for you in this life and can help heal your life and transform it in a way that you would never thought possible.