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  1. Heaven and your angels address you.

    Spiritual Horizons has worked with the angel realms for the past ten years. Everyday our angels get excited when someone discovers that they exist and that they belong to heaven.  Everyone belongs to heaven and no-one is ever set apart or forgotton. There is no judgement dear ones, leave the judgement taken from the religions and learn to leave it behind. Learn to forgive and love your self and each other now, as this is of importance.

    With love combined we offer you the chance to release your fears, shed your tears and live a more happier lifestyle. You deserve the best in life, regardless of the pressures of the world, stay true to your self and let no others take the love within your hearts away. God's judgement is not to place fear on you, for your heavenly father loves you no matter what. He does not judge you or others and this is because he is unconditional. He allows you to learn from your mistakes and experience life as you make it.  For heaven loves you unconditionally, just like a child has to learn from the mistakes it makes, so does an adult too.

    However, the angels even though you may not see them in a physical form, are always by your side. Some cry when you do, some rejoice when you are happy, and they will also sing for you and protect you. The angel record the good and the bad in what we do on a daily basis, what they focus upon is the good and rich traits in yourself. So see, the angels are for you and not against you. The angels are extensions from our very own creator and so they will never judge you or harm you. In doing so, we see the perfection of our creator in them and through them.

    The angels, heaven or your creator do not pose a threat to you. They make room for mistakes to happen, so you can learn from it in spirit. So we therefore cannot hold on to regrets. The good within you is equally justified and rewarded equally towards all.

    See fear is generated from thinking we are not going to heaven at the end of our lifes. We sometimes tremble at the thought of the so called judgement day. All this is is a natural review of your life and you are not a soul which is going to hell.  Fear is made from the pressures to conform and to abide by many laws which have now been outdated and surpassed. Love is the new law and we need to dwell upon the fact that love is what we need, it sustains us through the toughest changes in our lives. Yet, for many it is so far from our hearts. Love is a feeling of everything. Love is creation and can be expandable to almost everything. Love creates positive changes from within our hearts and our lives. Take time to think about what you do in love on a daily basis.

    Heaven believes in love and all that is. Heaven believes in you and as long as you love everything in love such as offering kindness, gentleness, laugh, forgive and believe in better. Your life will be all the merrier. Ignore the fear mongers, the end of the world, negative money matters. Fear is nothing more than a scare tatic to stop you from loving. Fear is nothing more but a life without love.

    The angels are here as your friends, decorators, protectors, teachers, warriors. If requested from your heart in a pure fashion, they will help you get rid of all worries, negative traits, learn how to forgive and help you in any matter at hand.

    Watch out for the signs from your angels because they are watching out for you. Every prayer request is recieved and woven together in silk satin and hemmed to complete satisfaction for our creator as a prayer blanket. Every name that passes your lips is kept and sealed with safety.

    Spiritual Horizons can teach you and provide you with the practical skills in learning how to work alongside your angels. In 2012, we have developed well researched workshops and courses which will provide you with the necessary skills and practical assignments to work and create your angelic self.

    Our courses genuinely reflect your good nature, the work of the angels and your own personal spiritual journey.  Please make some comments, we would really like to hear from you too.

    For further details on our up and coming accreditated courses and workshops. Please contact us


  2. A Message from Archangel Chamuel


    I come to you all in this hour to share a special message.  I see a great deal of love when I look upon the world and this fills me and the angels with such profound happiness.  The message I wish to share with you is of the love in your hearts and the connection between people whos love lights up the stars.

    This connection goes beyond anything that can be summed up into words, it is deeper than the very core of your earth but once it is found this connection cannot and will not be broken.  To love is to live, without love we are nothing, we cannot exist.

    We the Angels love each and everyone of you dearly, we find your race one of the kindest, most giving and genuine than any others we have encountered.  You have hearts for a reason, not merely to keep you alive but to feel.  With every beat your heart takes, an effect is felt universally, your heart desires are noted and the world breaths you in, taking a moment to saviour your divine being.

    Many humans see their hearts as a burden they ask why their heart aches, why do they feel so much pain when they lose someone or feel hurt but they do not see how lucky they are.  To feel is what makes you human, with pain comes joy, with sorrow comes happiness but throughout it all, the good and bad, love is the key.

    Take the love you have and share it whole heartedly, find your inner peace, love with all your heart, feel with all your heart, trust, advise, guide, give and follow your heart.

    Your race is unique, your race is special and even though there is much hardship and struggling within your planet, love will inevitable set you all free.  Don’t give up, even when things seem tough or it feels like the end as long as your heart beats you are needed, you are loved and you are alive.

    Don’t take granted the beats you feel within your chest and remember that your heart is like a clock, every beat mirrors a tick, when your heart stops so does the clock so make every second count.

    In Kindness and Love

    Archangel Chamuel

  3. Our Angels are with us from the day we are created and continue to help, guide, support and watch over us for all our lives until we become angels ourselves.

    Angels can assist us with every area of our lives from the major to the minor but what can we do to repay the favour?

    When we think of the billions of people on the planet, we can take into consideration how busy the Angels and Archangels are, do we ever take the time to stop and thank them for their efforts, the Angels work ceaselessly to make this world a better place to help us rise up and to bring love and light to the planet.  Make sure that you stop and say thank you, after all without our Angels where would we be?

    One way we can thank our Angels is by being as positive as we can and spreading the word of the Angels to help others rise up.  The Angels love nothing more than to see us happy, laughing, having fun, helping others and sending out positivity into the universe.  They understand the hardship of life, the day to day struggles, the negativity that often takes us over and the worries we have from time to time but just remember that whatever life throws at you, your angels will be by your side always and for this reason they deserve our upmost respect, gratitude and love.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race of life, the Angels don’t expect or ask for thanks but we should honour them by doing this.

    So take time today to wish your Angels well, send out your love, dedicate a song, give a cheery wave.  With so much sadness in the world a bright smile can spark something magical within ourselves and start a chain reaction amongst our Angels and ask not what your Angels can do for you but what you can do for your Angels.