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  1. This fascinating set of articles follows one of our graduates as she shares with you, her own angel experiences.

    Encountering Angels

    First Experience

    I had my first experience with seeing an Angel in the physical form when I was 12 years old, and it was in the form of my brother’s twin. One night I was lying in bed when I thought my brother was peeking his head around the door to annoy me and I was shouting at him to go back to bed, which awoke my parents. I had protested quite loudly that it was my brother, they told me off, showed me my brothers room to show he was asleep and I thought (at 12) no more about it. I then heard voices in my head, with warnings or feelings about people, of which I would tell them, and I was dismissed as just being a teenager that may have been a little bit mad hearing voices in my head, of which when you are a teenager (moreso a girl and going through hormonal changes).  I then, thereforth, had heard voices in my head on a regular basis, and decided there and then that what I wanted, when I was older was to help people……. What was your first experience?

    How they Interacted with me..

    Ten years later, and after a few experiences that I put down to coincidences, sitting in a circle, and being able to give full readings, little did I know that they actually related to angels until I recalled it all back (I have a very good memory for remembering random things). I started a journal of everything I was told, and all the dreams that I had and was telling people that they related too, in recent times, since I found out about being an Earth Angel, and how they just pop a thought into my head, or how they give me a feeling or an energy from messages I receive on a daily basis, the most strongest of how they interact is a feeling I get from people for example, my friend who I don’t see often was meant to be going to a party, and I got a very strong feeling that they weren’t going to this party, and the feeling was right, they didn’t go. I love how my Angels in particular interact with me on a daily basis.  I journal everything down that I get and then determine whether it is ego, or Angels and 9/10 its Angels. Another way my Angels interact with me is through my intuition, I get a very strong intuition when something is going to happen, when something is wrong, or when I get a strong feeling about something . – there are many stories I could recall to you about how my Angels Interact with me – How do yours interact with you?

    How I feel/felt

    At 12 seeing my first Angel, I was a little scared, why have they come to see me? Why am I special enough to be working with Angels and pass these messages on.. but now, I love it, seriously it is what I live for to feel the love and the presence of my Angels and how they can make you feel instantly. To pass on the messages, and to learn what I am here to do. My life is so enriched everyday and one thing I do everyday is a technique that allows me to open my heart and feel the Angels open my heart to receive love and to give love to everyone, which allows me to relax so that I can receive messages clearer, which makes me feel amazing.  I also have to ground myself and protect my energies but to have this feeling everyday of nothing to worry about, as the Angels take my worries, is out of this world – would love to hear how you feel and what you do to work with your Angels?

    If you can relate to Sara you can ask her a question of leave a comment based upon her response to you.



  2. Channelled by: Gemma.

    It is time to let go of all things that are keeping you tied to earthly negativity. Forgive those around you who have caused you pain for they are suffering themselves, by forgiving them you are sending them the light they need to move forward and work on becoming a lighter entity, one that is capable of many good things but has not had the chance to be.

    Let go of past hurts as they slow you down, rise above any indifferences and walk with your head held high knowing that you did all you could and that you were strong when others felt weak. Know that on this our earthly plane you are human and therefore have many feelings and emotions inside your mortal vessels but by being the best you can be and by forgiving everyone and everything including yourself you are more likely to receive the divine wisdom that flows throughout the universe.

    Be free, do what makes you happy, takes chances and don't let negativity pull you down.

    Earth is entering into a time of recovery, energies will shift and worlds will become one. Take this time to enjoy life, relish the earth and look forward to what is going to happen within the coming years. Don't take anything for granted and love with all your heart for it is your heart that is the core to everything.

    Archangel Zadkiel

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  3. (Foreword) At Spiritual Horizons it is vital to show others individual relationships with our Angels. Please let us introduce you to Sara and we have invited you to read about her relationship with her Angels. Sara is a current student on our ACE Angel Communication Diploma Course and has wanted to to share about her Angel Experiences with others. Please feel free to interact with this very generous lady and feel free to ask questions in relation to Angels here.

    Welcome to the world of Angels.

    The amazement of the presence of Angels in everyday life fills me with excitement… I have worked with these omnipresent beings for the last 23 years and they never fail me or infact anybody that asks for their help. Angels work on a free will basis, and, unless asked or if a matter of life or death your Angels will not intervene.

    Having Angelic presence in your life fills your life with joy, relief and a sense of peace within and around you. Why do I believe in Angels? Well, because not only did they save my life, they also helped me change my life as well, in ways that I can only describe. I am here today, and living a life that I absolutely love and am enjoying every single second thanks to my Angels saving me.  Angels come in many shapes and forms and you can hear them in many ways as well, such as a song in your head, or a though in your head, you can see them as person in human form, or they go around leaving white feathers when you need them the most.  Angels can help you with anything in your everyday life (as long as it is for your own good).

    I have more recently discovered that I am an Earth Angel and belong to the Incarnate Realm, I am here for a big purpose to help those people with mental illness that need it the most, and have recently been using my Angels to channel through to those who need my help and to help them change their life, a job that I love doing more than anything and a job that I am looking to take forward more when becoming an Angel Life Coach and am currently doing a Diploma course to help me along with this, as it already has made an impact in my life, and those of others. How did I discover I was an Earth Angel? I had recently split with my partner (who I adore) and was sat just chilling out, and I got a message loud and clear “you are an Earth Angel and believe it or not, you are here to help him” and from hereon in I have been receiving messages – of which I channel and all the messages they have said to me have been true. I now have the same

    partner back in my life as a friend, am the greatest challenge of my life is coming (of which I will report next time). Further, I have just purchased the new Angel Tarot Cards, and to date have been accurate in all the readings I have given.

    If you want to know further about my experiences to date as an Earth Angel, please do not hesitate to ask me.

      Why do you believe in Angels? What experiences have you had??

    Angels are also great at healing, and can heal you almost instantly when you ask them. I asked my Angels to heal me when I have a headache, which lifts almost immediately. Next time that you  have a an ache or a pain (especially period pain) ask the Angels to help heal you, I have heard or miraculous stories of the Angels even clearing cancer, and helping people to learn to walk again. Ask your Angels to help heal you today, and see the difference it makes.