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A personal Angel Experience

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Today, I was at Asda and I went to buy chocolate spread, believe it or not I have a craving for chocolate spread. I decided to go against it, and I bought some vine tomatoes for my salad, Jam (jelly) and speciality bread, which it all came to £3.66.
I remember reading on facebook an article written by Doreen Virtue saying how she has had enough money to make a purchase there and then. I must have disagreed and thought that never happens to me.
So, at the till, I had a fiver and some change which was uncounted.
The bill was £3.88 and my mouth just dropped when I found that the money in change in my purse, was just that.
I turned around to the till operator and I explained that I was astonished, because I just happened to have the exact change. So I handed her the cash and she too started laughing and replied, “I’ve never had that happen before”
I guess it’s true when the angels tell you “never say never”

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