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Angel Prayers

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All credits goes to Karen McMillan who is a current A.C.E student. with Gratitude Spiritual Horizons.

Angels Prayer                       

Nature gives

I learn to give back

I sense my universe is endless

Spirits of nature come closer



For over a week, everyday, I have been hearing the sound of a beautiful garden bird, particularly in the morning time and has slowly been awakening me to stop and listen to its soft and cheerful whistle of song.  Like the robin, so sweet and melodic is the birds song that when I first heard it, it stopped me from what I was doing and I was instantly elevated to another time and place.  Like all birds, what bird could make this lovely and calming sound to my ears I thought and one that I had not really picked up on before.  It wasn’t until the middle of the week that I began to investigate and the next morning, doing my best impression of bird twitching, that is, looking out of the kitchen window, I waited to see intently.  No sooner had I pinned myself to the open window when I heard the almost dream like and joyful song of the bird and seemed to be coming from a nearby tree.  As I looked out of the window the spring sun came out in full splendour and I decided to go into the garden.  The sun shone all over and I felt a warm glow on my face and body and felt awash with calm and in hearing the sounds of the natural world all around.  Enjoying the warmth, I suddenly noticed a little brown bird appear from the tree and again sing the pretty song in fine tune, filling the whole of the garden.  The bird stayed there for a while to continue to sing while I stood very still, surrendering to the moment.  As I watched the bird, I had realised it was the same bird I had earlier heard and often seen in the week and was now showing itself to me in all it’s glory, flitting from branch to branch while continuing to sing it’s song.  With further investigation I learned the little bird is named a dunnock and is one of the more common birds in our gardens and for me, one that I had not observed much before.  Every day now I will hear the dunnock singing at full range and filling the garden while filling my soul and being.  This unassuming bird has opened up my heart to feeling it’s energy of sweetness and I feel to remind me of innocence and trust.  It’s song has come at a time when I have been learning to trust my intuition and to keep the faith of my prayers and true heart desires, in listening to my own inner truth and feelings and to feel the energies of the Angels and Fairies nudging me to feel and sense them in the kingdom of Nature.  When we begin to pray we can sometimes forget to look out for daily spiritual signs and messages along the way, particularly ones that come from our feeling side and in trusting in what it is you feel and sense is true to you.  The bird’s singing awoke something in me by simply being in it’s pure natural state and whistling it’s own song no matter how life appears to be and is something I have felt to do more in my life.  There is a lightness in the bird kingdom and one that is visible, audible, honest and simple and where we can feel a pure light energy of magical worlds colliding.  


You deserve to sparkle!


It is not until we feel to pray more that we begin to invite a heightened sense of the holy within and around us.  With this, we feel to honour our whole self and feel a fresh awareness of life.  Praying is feeling our whole being with our up most confidant self where we can let go, rest our bodies, our minds, our hearts and allow peace to enter.  The beauty of prayer is that when we pray from the heart, we can feel this and Spirit can feel this too.  We feel a deep source of connection where it can never be broken or lost but lives in us forever. 

Prayer and our quiet moments cannot be put into a box and labelled as it is too precious and of the Sacred to be shown directly into the bright lights of the world.  Part of it remains hidden and desires to be as we are communing with our true nurturing Self and in a place where we can just simply be.  Everyone has their own way and it is the silent knowing from you that all is well in your vessel of life.  Your sacred, true sparkling self is timeless, it cannot be taken away from you and that, love means so many different things to everyone, it is individual and infinite together.  We can seek many times for happiness and in the sacred silence find the joy in feeling our own timeless place where joy is absolute.  We begin to feel and sense that joy is our Divine birthright and our complete natural state of being in life and is where our guardians, the angels, the fairy kingdom and spiritual friends and family awaits for our inner child like self to skip forth through the meadow of life, in our own wonderful way, in our own time. 

Joy does not judge but always lives from our lighter energetic being and like a loving parent accepts all of you.  The more individually we venture into the depths of our soul, side by side with our lighter, rainbow heart energy, the more we feel our own eternal truth and gracious power coming to light.  In prayer silence is welcomed and we come back naturally to a place of resonance where we hear our own authentic, higher heart clearly and with reverence.  Our own words speak true and gentle and we are reminded of the empathy that lives in all of us.  This sacred silence opens our heart to an unconditional awareness and love and offers us to be with our beautiful and warrior like way where we feel our inner warrior speaking to us with vigour, honesty, gentleness and with innocence.  Being with our self is being with our own special feelings, letting our guard down and surrendering to those parts of us which can steal away our peace of mind.  To feel the holy is to trust our true self with integrity and to honour and cherish all of our feelings and thoughts.  We live, love, laugh, cry in life and in time, we take the time to understand our self more and perhaps step away from our own choices and noises which may keep us from living our life in our own delightful, passionate, truthful and luminous way. 

Without feeling there would be no spiritual to reside to and be with.  All our feelings are like precious stepping stones to our higher heart and with each step we are with our true self which resides in the invisible realms of energetic space and where our whole energetic being is of a lighter form and we are home.  Living life while learning and feeling our own spiritual self comes in many waves and they can come in times when we least expect them to.  In prayer, however we do this, we begin to hear our trueness speaking to us and reminding us of just how far we have come, of the beauty all around us and in being kind to our heart and to others.  Through my intuitive feelings my lighter soulful self is always reminding me of innocence when I can fall away at the seams and when things feel too much. 

Natural states naturally belong in prayer where in just being with our Self we are thanking, honouring and healing our complete being.  It is ok to feel, to have an off day or two as well as the kooky and joyous ones, as for me, spiritual represents the ups and downs, the lefts and to the right while in our higher of hearts we may feel a classic Fred Astaire tap dance coming on.  It is holding on to our cherished loving self as this part of us is our eternal sacred union from within that has always remained.  In prayer we can begin to feel naturally our feminine merge with our masculine energy and be one and perhaps feel where our energies may need balanced, bringing forth our loving inner fire and creating our own passions passionately.

  Our Angels can help us to lovingly feel, see and sense our whole supreme self, our majestic Earth and lighter realities in the physical world in many beautiful ways and in prayer where we can learn to listen with inner faith, with an open heart and in peace.  In taking the time, day by day to feel and pray and in learning to create our individual talents, it is then we begin to lovingly integrate them into our lives in our own unique way.  When we pray to our Angels, their presence can feel from within like musical notes speaking to us in synchronised symphonies, soaring our energy to a higher level and we are connecting with the awe inspiring wonderment of the Angelic and Fairy realms.  It can take time to open up and pray our inner most desires, passions and feelings and so much more and yet our Angels always hear us.  Prayer comes in times when we are ready to open up to it and to the part of us that can remain hidden and of the mysterious nature until we feel more comfortable with our own self and in trusting our intuition and our own inner magic.  Angels and the Spirits of Nature are our cosmic, steadfast loving friends who nudge and can guide us to feel an unconditional presence and love which they offer to us in sweetly divined ways.  With time, I learn to commune, ask and pray to the Angelic kingdom with heartfelt sincerity and to naturally love and feel blessed for my own starlight and for all that is graced to me.  Like the sweet melody of birdsong, comfort daydreams and the warmth of the spring sun caressing and inviting the wildflower out and up from the earth, our Angels help us to feel and see that our own sacred kingdom is never too far away but is eternally with us always.

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  1. Rianne

    This message is so true to me recently. I always listen to the birds singing, ever since I was a child. I know that on some occasions you can really hear subtle messages through the voices of the birds. The prayers of today are more creative and forever expanding. Traditional prayer is not for everyone and so I feel that, prayer into the now is poetic, creative and even a song from the heart. Yes. This piece totally spoke to me, thanks. Rianne

    Posted on

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