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Angel Lifestyles

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Angel Life.

Angel life is all around learning to intergrate your angel knowledge into every day life. Angel lifestyles is having the abililty to work around fear and negativity in order to make an equal amount of love, joy and pleasant feelings yours without feeling threatened by others or your own fears.

There has never been so much poisoned information put towards humanity as the waves of fear lash over the world in according to dark thoughts and media attention then ever before. How can we counterbalance this?

The one thing I had battled with was the mind and the heart, the ego and the mind can be so powerful and yet the heart can be so strong as well.

Our Angels influence our every being in according to the laws of attraction and love. The signs that are repeated and are sometimes subtle that you have to become a feeler not a thinker to know them.

Angels do exist contrary to other people's closed minded thinking. We do not judge these individuals but we do advise about listening to nay sayers. They work from out of their own fears and ego's and at the end of the day. Angels are famous through out aeons of time and space to own the title of being truely divine.

Angels can exist in today's lifestyle and here is a short article on how they can help you.

Guardians are there to be our friends, they are there to keep us from feeling lonely, isolated and have plenty of advice if only we would listen. Our Guardians are beautiful, tall, radiant, gentle and very powerful. They stand guard with your heart and souls. They are equipt you to enable you walk in line with your lifestyle and accompany you to your life purpose. How do you feel their presence? I hear you say. They are warm and loving, if you are not sensitive you will see visual signs of white feathers and coins or angel clouds that remind you of their gentle arrival into your life, when you feel you are up to your head in stress. If you are sensitive you may sense their presence with the warmth of their wings, you may feel your heart warm with nice feelings, you may see sparkles in the corner of your eye.

Your guardians are always coming and going according to your requests through thoughts and prayers. They will also guide you with your inner guidance. When you stop in your steps and you change your direction or you feel something is not right, the repeated thoughts or songs are signs by your Angels but they are often discounted as just thoughts. They are not to be ignored.

Angel Lifestyles includes making friends with your Angels, go on give it a go. It is not harmful, they will not hurt your feelings and nor will they make you feel horrid. They are loving and we are truely respectful of their energies towards us. We forget that they are here to keep you safe from spiritual or psychic harm. They are sent by our creator to protect and keep us loved unconditionally. In a world where terror may reign or fear, we can find shelter from the storm with our Angels.

Having an Angel lifestyle involves re tracing our steps and beliefs towards how we look at each other and yourself. Emotional wellbeing is evolving the way we see each other and how our Angels will build the strength that you seek without harm but with awe inspiring wows.

Angels are here to help teach you to go against the way of the world but to become more harmonised with the waves of love. A word that everyone quite often relates with sex or romance. Love is unconditional and the best way to work with love is to join our Angels and build a new community or life style which reflects a better outlook for yourself but for the world we live in.

Love is universal source of everything which is good, abundance, loving, gentle, powerful, greatful and anything which reflects great pleasure and the feeling of good loving, respectfulness and anything which reflects the good nature of your own heart.

Our Angels are strong in faith and love, they have the ability to not ever falter once and will always be strong for you no matter what you feel or think. You will come around eventually and awaken to the heart beating to be heard not hurt.

In an Angel lifestyle it is to create inner wellbeing, creating a time away to restore your inner strengths, it is to see the good in yourself and to see the abundance that you deserve. With many media channels telling you to struggle and become surpressed, it may feel really stupid to think you deserve so much better.

A good Angel lifestyle involves living to suit your heart and soul but not your head. How many times do you ignore your feelings and then later think I should have listened?

A good angel lifestyle uses trust in the unseen, rather than seeing is believing quite often used to control alot of people in this world.

A good Angel lifestyle begins behind closed doors and includes bravery, intent to change and trust yourself and what you really yearn in life.

How do we get started?

Ask your Guardians and Archangels to enter your life right now. Yes don't doubt you too can do it. You are allowed to feel and be heard, be free from stress, doubt, fear, the feeling of being unloved, anxiety and disappointment.

Your angels know you so act now and start your Angelic lifestyle now.

Try it for free, it is an eye opener if you dare.

The law of free will requests that you ask for them to enter your life. When you say a prayer and you ask God for help, you do not often get an answer because you did not give permission for Angels, Saints and your creator to enter your life to help guide you.

Try this.

"Dearest Heaven, Angels and Saints, I would like you to enter my life right now and I request you to help me with changing my lifestyle and to guide me through my life. I thank you for doing this for me and I request that you provide me with clear signs that you exist and I thank you for sending me the signs that will enable me to recognise your presences. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Try this:

Go out into nature more often and especially if you are someone who is stuck to the tv screen, laptop, tablet or computer screen. Nature is a wonderful thing. Ask Archangel Ariel to work with you when you are outside, look for flashes of grass green sparkles. You may be open to seeing images of a beautiful angels with an elegance and brave posture that you would expect from this Archangel in your mind's eye. You may see swan's or a flock of birds surround you or you may sense that she is with you with her energy feeling free and loving.

Try this:

Be open minded to things that can make you feel better, nicer or light on the heart. Be guided to trust your signs as three or more. Signs such as 'we are here' or 'Angels' being repeated over a period of a day or a week or a few weeks.

Try this:

Have faith and look towards heaven. You have gone on faith by just asking that you have Angels by your side. When you feel defeated look towards your Angels for they note everything which you have done correctly or loving. They do not judge you and nor does any God who is from Love.



We would like to know if you sense any Angels during this time of reading this article. Share it and don't  forget to check in with your experiences.

Next article will focus upon the Archangels and how they can change your lifestyle through healing and love.




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