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An Angel message

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Angel Knowledge

Angel Knowledge is something you will always discover. It is ever expansive and the Angels like to love you on a consistent level and definately something your mind would never be able to comprehend. What I love about Angels is that when we go all wobbly or dark, they are still there to light our way as a permanent strong bond with Love.

Our Angels are radiant, loving, forgiving, intelligent, awesome, cherished, fighters and defenders of Love, they cut the rubbish from our lifes in an instant flash with no sweat or fear. They are here to love and to teach you to love again. Love is such a deep emotion but society ignores it as it's a word or something shallow. It is not. Love is an intelligent and loving energy which created you to live in the world that we know as planet earth. They are too large for you to even comprehend and that is why we call it God or other names.

Our Angels have your back, you may not see them but please always "accept" that they are there in the present with you. Angels are of any frequency and what ever you do at any level, they are right there with you. They will not leave you or forsake you. If you are considered doing something too fearful, as in my case Archangel Michael will bellow in a fatherly way and put you straight back into Love.

Don't allow the head to discount their existence,they do exist and your heart will tell you that they are.

Angels come in many forms of love and light, they are obedient to love only and will serve you only if you come from a loving side. In their own words "We are a team". They have your highest intentions as priority. Do not devalue this just because you cannot see them. Behind various veils are real people and just because they don't have a physical vessel like we do, it does not mean they exist.

Angels Exist and they too have fun, laughter and they have parties and anything loving goes.

Angels also help you with various aspects of your life and if you are looking for Romance the Angels of Love can show you how to in eye opening and polite mannerisms. There is nothing that your Angels can not do. They are the We Can do it team. Just ask them and they will help you manifest your dreams.

Our Angels are like best friends, they create with the energy around them, loving affirmations and they can perform their duties with the right amount of care required to leave a angel feather as a token of appreciation.

Angels realise we all balance our life with some amount of fear. If this is the case, the request their help daily and ask for the fear to be erradicated from your life. You are allowed to live in a peaceful and loving world. They love you and we should love and respect them. They are like a city of Angels which we sometimes cannot see, but if you believe you will become open to their colourful world. Their colourful world is deep and intense, the colours are various and beautiful.

Our Angels are our top prioritise to work with them and we need you to tell others about the reasons to live for love. Love is what is required and it can be tough but together we can form a joint team and we can keep love being created by

Forgiving on a daily basis

Gratitude list

Being kind to yourself and each other.

Praying for peace and healing on our planet earth.

Ward off self pity and pull back your power from others. "I know take back all my power that I have given to others without my consent"

Communicate with our Angels daily and be thankful to them.

Angels exist but do you dare to believe?

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