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Earth angels- A message from our Angels

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It is a great time where the earth and many individuals are experiencing a major change in direction.  A spiritual growth and a change in the way we live our lives. The angels have always resided amongst you, serving, guiding and helping each individual as you walk on the earth plane.

Today, it is a great time of spiritual awakening, one which will bring forth a new communion between angels and mortal men and women. Once there was a spell of time , when angels were unseen and served you in solitude behind a spiritual veil that has lifted.

It is now when we offer you greater assistance to rise your spirit and set yourself free from your worries of life. We the angels no longer stand behind the curtain of life and we ask each of you to believe in your own divine self.

Every prayer that is offered, every cry for help, every plea for assistance is never ignored. We work endlessly to help you every step of the way in the life you wish to lead.  The time has surpassed when you long to feel peace and love in your life, in the life of others and that of your planet earth. To each individual it means a great spritual awakening and growth, it is at this time you will wonder how to communicate with us.

This is a simple process to choose, for we never burdeon you, we simply ask you to release the ties of worry, stress, anxiety and the heaviness of the working life. From here onwards you will be set free if you follow three very important steps.

1) Learn to love again and take heed the fact that the earth is once again in it's rightful place.

2) Forgive yourself and then each other.

3) Have fun and view things in a light hearted manner.

Our angels are hampered by our unawareness and just by acknowledging them you up a relationship of love and companionship. Please invite them into your life.  Gently prompt us, guide and instruct us, done we listen to their answers, because they can be the answers to your prayers. However, many of you ignore your inner gut feeling.

The idea of humans & angels combining the essence to harmonise both the physical realm with the spiritual realm. To create a bridge where both angels and humans can meet in harmony and live a life of love, to be filled with love.

Perhaps the notion of a fused angelic and human bridge between heaven and earth. Evolving conciousness of both aspects of the divine self is something of a new concept for you. Regardless, of your current belief system it is a time of change and it's your journey which will now commence. Enjoy our website and take account of the words from our angelic guardians as they will provide you the light through the tunnel. The releasement of your past and a positive review of your life, so that for now you are one step closer to reaching your spiritual horizons.

This is a beautiful message given to us by the angelic heavens.

Please share this with others by providing a link to our website as a sign of respect.

many thanks

Jo & Gemma


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