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Ascension Tips

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Ascension Secrets are truely real.

 Since the archangels and ascended masters have taught me everything I know, and with this I give many thanks.

Ascension is the raising of your spirit through energetic frequencies. The types where you here "I am on the same wavelength as you" you attract and detract alike. There fore if you bear this in mind, to ascend is to release anything that is no longer serving you and this raises your frequency even higher. It makes you feel as light as a feather, but sometimes you really have to be brave to admit the real you.

The following few spiritual tips are insightful if not the least, please bear them in mind. It seems we don't really need the big words to make things nice and dandy, all we need is just some common sense and we will then always have lift off.

It's really an awareness thing, it's something which you do not need to be bogged down with, every good thing is calculated for the good of mankind. Anything cold hearted, false, neglected, unloved and evil is often the case is ignored.
Ascension as some individuals like to call it, is another label which enables society to put a finger on what may be happening to us as we evolve this earth plane. It is seems again becoming 'commercialised' to make money from websites which are sometimes out to either con or make excessive profit. It's okay to make profit but to bear in mind that you shall do it from the heart and not the ego.  Alot of answers come from the soul and the inner side of you, you already know the answers. However, if you don't know how to look on the inner side of you then you won't know what to look out for?

Yes it's true, we are ascending and up we go further, the more love and healing light we send to each other. We have to learn to love each other from the heart. It is society which is trying to make feel is trying to block such things from happening. What do I believe? if you look at a concrete floor or wall and look at the way natural plants and trees have this natural knack of knocking through to the other side. This is what love is like, it gets through to us in the end. Love always finds a way.

Ascension starts with spending lots of time out in nature. Do not be couped up at home and spend so much time with digital and electronics as the energy really takes it's toil on you. Being out in nature it relaxes you and it can also heal depression but not in all cases to be sure. Nature has this great way about making you feel fresh and it allows the stress of the day to be taken away.
Another way to start is to begin to express your inner most thoughts and feelings, what I mean by this is that society stops you from being your self. You are always told to keep the nearest fashion sense, don't be like this don't be like that, be stick thin.

You know heaven is the way. They do things in true style, their ways are not of the world and neither is your spirit. If you want to be different and unique then do so. If you want to try a new sport then go and try it. It is all about being the unique person that God made you as. However, how many people will read something and not change because of it? This new year you should want to try and recover the real you that brought you to reading this in the first place.

Another way to ascension is by looking and reviewing your past and releasing and healing it.
Snipping away through visualising techniques is an easy way of snipping off people, places and situations that pull your spirit down. Give it the snip, but be sure to make sure that you don't cut off important family and friends, it's not something to be done lightly. Make it a new year challenge to choose five things that you have had enough of and let them go. You can do this by writing down your fears and then tearing the pages apart and throwing it in the bin.  You will be familiar with the writing down your feelings. Society tells you to become hard hearted, avoid this like the plague, if society and the media tell you to don't cry, let yourself cry, it's a natural thing to do, why do we get dry eyes? What ever you do, make sure you do what serves your highest purpose.

Ascension is something that all of us will go through at a time when you are openly ready, there is no pressure, so don't worry. Alot of the time you will be unaware but this also happens in spirit, whilst you are sleeping.
In heaven we are all one big family.

J.K.2010. All content owned by spiritualhorizons organisations


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