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2012- Love it not fear it

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2012-Love it not fear it.

Have you ever wondered why heaven says learn to love and society states to fear their power over you? Society organises anger and disbelief in a system that has long prevented you young ones to live.  Believe in a simple life on extrodinary life. See through the frustrations of the world.  Speak to live. Say things that are positive in nature than rather what you worry about.

Time ends but what happens in your life is better understood in the concepts of believe in love. When we focus ourselves in love,we become love and nothing outside of love exists. Love and forgiveness goes hand in hand. What kills one will kill the other. If you understand the masterplan of existance, then you will grow to understand, that the world you create is the masterplan for your own salvation. Salvation is the key to your life. To keep the coil turning we must believe in the self as a creator. It is presumed that as cheerful as we are, we must not become surpressed by the powerful. For we ourselves have the power to topple the authorities who gage power over you. As seen in many countries already. We are asking for a peaceful protest and transision. One which sets examples for others to follow. We need you to do this and teach this message to others. Please borrow time to construct love and create a just and peaceful authority to reside over the world.

Love is eternal and we are fighting to help raise the earth out of fear based one. Indeed this is one we have already won.  However, what is being required is to turn your attention to love and forgive those who have hurt you. If we all life to serve one another, then we serve our own purpose, serving you dear one. This starts at the begining ... you. you are one, you are one with the universe, and out of love we created you. You were sent  down to earth fully equiped to make a change.

Dear friend, as we approach 2012. You deserve the fruits of your labour. Whatever, you put out into the universe  there you will instantly attract what you desire. Put full effort and devotion this time in healing yourself. Learn to forgive.In forgiving others, you forgive yourself. The more we learn and teach others this simple teaching, you will create a earth which is rich in love. The earth will become one with the rest of the universe once again and will forever reign in love.

Love is the all, the everything and indeed anything done outside of love will not prevail much longer. The world will steer forward in love and anything that does not believe or live in love will not survive out of love.

So the more we become non-judgemental, the more we grace ourselves with good life, friendship and a good life ahead. Surround your self with loving qualities such as happiness, glee, loving, grace, honour, healing and become lighter at heart. The more faster our hearts will beat with love, the more in tune we will become with our creator.

For this is God's plan for you. In order to save yourself, please learn to love. For love is the greatest plan for existing.

All the archangels and the ascended masters.

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