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Archangel Zadkiel-Our Sacred Planet Earth

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It's not an area that I have full knowledge about but this is what I know.

When I did my spiritual healing I was told that the earth is a sacred planet and has the number 8 assigned to it. This means that it is eternal and is a fundamental place in our recognised and known universe.

What is meant by this may shock you, but by allowing the freedom upon the planet that we have chosen to abide by this work with me and to help gather the nations together in freedom. In order to survive the wrath of mankind. What is needed is a descriptor and designation of a population which is trapped within reason. The creator within reason has allowed us to experience a negative population through the years up until the year that Japan had it's nuclear bomb. This threat must not happen again, and through out all the wars that have happened since the creation of man. This had been the most devastating. Not to just man but to all of fellow mankind and the universe as a whole.

The meaning of the number 8 cycle is the return to the universe the earth init's former glory. she will teach you her ways and alot have misunderstood what is to come. Negativity must not prevail and the must not be tolerated. This planet has had it's roots lifted out from underneath her self and she will die, unless you contract her living being back to her roots without selfish reasons.

Selfish reasons in the midst of allowing any more natural disasters to manufacture her already dying body.
Although she will renew her self and expand explosively towards freedom, another freak of nature will keep her fighting in order to render her useless.
Perhaps what we are speaking of here is the reason of ascension will disappoint many who in actual fact have contemplated many a thought towards the earth in written form.
IT is I Zadkiel who accomplishes this matter at hand, guidance is the key to the survival of mother earth she will certainly rise above but with the help of you who stem from the light eternal, she will shelter you from what is to come.

Even though the earth is an equal factor she may melt away those fears that alot of younger ones have and increased measure will be allowed to drop her guard once again in increasing measures to help shadow the younger generation. Teach them well to support the life that we so enrich upon ourselves and take for granted. Teach them to learn to love nature and to fight the good cause of mankind. To enable freedom amongst all people and freedom for the earth. The dream of the earth should never be shattered. Keep fighting young ones and for light eternal to grant you the peace and understanding amongst people on earth, to breathe in the light and to guide the earth back to it's former glory. you can doit. Never let the darkness wound her no more, fight dear ones as the earth is important to your very own welfare. As the saying goes you only live once, so the saying returns you only get one earth, please treat her well.

many thanks
matt and AA Zadkiel

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