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Archangel Michael- 2012 A message of hope

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2012: A message of Hope.

This year is a special date for many reasons. For many fear this will be the end of an era. In certain cases this is true, but the world as we know it will not end unless a greater consciousness creates it from fearful one.  There are darker energies and lost prophets in this life who reside on this planet and are here to predict and have predicted the ‘end of the world’. People take precaution because when something ends it is not often with a bang. Yet there is only a beautiful beginning.

What you believe is what you get. So if your outlook in life is bleak, then so it shall be.  The powerful now can be created by trying to learn to love again, build a world of love and peace around you and offer forgiveness to each other. Provide compassion and care to your neighbours. You try to gain material wealth because of the pressures of a modern society. Yet all the wealth you need is within your heart.

Heaven watches over you and it pitches a ride through life to give you what you want. What you create in life is what you set your mind too. Vision is a greater importance to balance your future. You must set your mind to the higher things in life and love everything and one around you. Vision is a greater tool of importance to enable you to balance your new future.  You must work hard and build set-criteria for getting what you want in life. It is hard work but put intuition into practice, you can become in tune with life and commence a new wonderful life and journey of your heart. By following your heart you will come to know heaven and you will learn to value the things brought close for your attention. This is how Heaven responds to you and so being out in nature this reinstates good practice skills for getting to know your ‘self’. Believing in a better outcome is almost complete for accomplishing a better life for you.

2012 is a year of change and change can only come about by being the creator.  You are the creator of your life and the world which governs you.  As our earth evolves and becomes more refined in higher frequencies of light. The sensitive people within our planet may already feel the new changes in place. The energy in the world has begun to feel light and it feels calm, strengthened, love is in the air and also peace. There has definitely been a shift on earth and there is more to come.

What is to be will be.

Creativity should never be shunted. Arise out of the ashes each one of you and stand up for your own truth. Do avoid fear and negativity at all costs. Please respond with the No, No, No policy which to any type of negativity and fear, whether this stems from your mind, ego or other people and voices. Create a yes campaign and a positive approach and a can do attitude.  These are teachings handed to us by Archangel Michael.

Any-one who proclaims fear, bad news, negative actions is a ‘false prophet’ because they promote anything but Love. Love is everything and Love is the only energy which exists.

Their predictions are based on darkness and fear.  Fear is used to suppress the masses. If heaven is here what do we have to fear?

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