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Twin Flames-My Story

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Twin Flames: My story part1
Twin Flames:
Twin flames are extremely rare and the chance is that you will never meet your twin flame on the earth plane at the same time and unless it is your last lifetime living as separate entities. These are not soul mates per say, however these are masters living as angels on the earth plane.
Twin Flames commit to a way of being completely different to the ones we may be used to living as. What we are trying to say is that twin flames live as one in each other/
It has been something that has been part of my life now for six whole years and a journey which has been extremely tough to admit I have been through. However, it has become difficult to explain in terms of narrating the experiences which come with it. In this blog I will provide my personal understanding of twin flames and in my next blog I will share gladly with some of my personal experiences.
Genuine twin flames tend to have the same things happen to each other such as:
1.     They become spirituality awakened.
2.     The love between each other is profound and can never be replaced by anything else.It is so deep and rich and nothing comes between the bond that is shared.
3.     A feeling of intense completion as two spirits become one quite literally.
4.     You sense your other half become you and you can feel his/her body as part of your own.
5.     You can speak to each other telepathically, and you can hear their thoughts in real time.
6.     You can sense how they are feeling and you sense their way of being.
7.     You can become who they are and you are happy to do so.
8.     You share each other’s dreams.
9.     You walk their way and you they can talk through you as a physical being, because they have become you.
10.   An intense yearning to physically be together.
11.   An energetic pull from the root chakra through all the chakras and up through the crown.
12.   Your heart begins to speak a million tunes to his/her.
13.   You become angelic because you have merged with your polar sex.
These are a few of the conditions which have since happened since I merged completely with my other half.
  There is so much information about twin souls on the internet, which is often quite accurate in nature and it is good advice to read and relate it towards your own situation. However, true twin souls are not so common on the earth plane. Unfortunately, it has to be said that not everyone has evolved to such a state as angelic oneness.
There will be only a couple of thousand individuals who will make it through to the provided criteria. Unfortunately most people all want a piece of each other and will often mistake their understanding of a twin soul to be a soul mate. This is not the case and for certain individuals, this will be a mistake which will make them feel bad about themselves. Twin souls should be highly regarded as special because not one pair are deemed alike. All have been given their birthrights to protect and redeem their original oneness with their royal heir your creator. They are rich in love and togetherness that they prove to provide examples of being one to individuals who live in separation. Angelic in nature they are indeed and this is what is unique about twin souls that they gain ownership of who they are.
They are richly appointed and it is safe to say that they are coming together as one flesh to teach a divine understanding and principle of a nature intended. Twin Souls are twin flames in love. They are divinely guided to give power to teach about Love on the earth plane. They keep it a secret because it is a delicate issue to many and of little use to others who have no understand. It is often the case that they sense they are different than the norm and in the sense they feel “together” and protected by a higher order of being.
They often have developed a higher dimensional light body and conversed with higher beings such as Archangels and Masters. Twin Flames will have the right to be “Holy” and to converse like a God like Being because they are divinely changed by the creator himself.
Magically, twin flames have a knowing that they are born to be raised and their karma has been completed and so anything created negatively will need to be cancelled, altered or deleted immediately in the now with no other option but to make changes to a situation straight away.
True twin flames will often be closer to each other than their own families because spirit is thicker than blood and standing side by side and back to back is often the case.
A complete and at one with your self.
It’s almost like a supernatural event which happens. You become complete and at one with yourself- meaning you become one with your other half and become complete. You feel the other part of you merging with yourself and you feel together again for the first time in some cases a thousand years. This is a unique feature of being one. Genuine individuals who claim to be twin souls/flames will describe how they merge with pleasure on an energetic level.
They know who they have become and they are warmed together in love and a richness of faith that they belong together as one.
Twin flames are the ultimate love story of how two souls become whole again. They can produce the same attitude, blend in with nature and they understand love is their only cure.
There is a harsh reality that around one in six billion souls are actual twin flames. They are here to help raise the planet and assist in the raising of the dead.They are deemed to be beautiful and they are the true angels who are able to walk on the planes of the earth.
So not everyone are twin flames persay, but twins are together for a reason to let this shift really happen.
Twin Flames are rare to the point that they don’t need to feel they need to fit into the world no more because they have become acquainted with who they are and are thus able to speak on the topic in detail.
Note: Every story speaks for itself and for myself I speak from the heart. Please do not plagarise any part of my work and please refer back to  for repriocate linking. Thanks.

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  1. Greg Sticker

    I read this. I re read it to make sure I did not miss a thing. One part I was moved to quote as something I definitely feel like is true in my case. "Twin flames are extremely rare and the chance is that you will never meet your twin flame on the earth plane at the same time and unless it is your last lifetime living as separate entities. These are not soul mates per say, however these are masters living as angels on the earth plane." The one who claims to be my TF did not know me at all. Only after her Earthly passing has there been contact. All your numbered reference seem to apply in enough of a fashion to me and her. Particularly numbers 5, 7, 8. and 9. That being said, I want to thank you for this insight. :)

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