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Spiritual Reflective Practice

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Spiritual Reflective Practice by Spiritual Horizons       

Reflection is a common place throughout emotional healing practice. This could include the following:

  • Helping you along your spiritual journey
  • Developing your attitudes and feelings towards your past and present future.
  • Reviewing your life and achievements in preparation for healing and reflection
  • To help create and plan a way forward in the healing process.

Reflection enables you to develop your ideas about your own life journey. Our approach is simple and so is heaven’s plan for you. Your unique and each one of us to complete life lessons, that we often recall by reflecting back upon one’s life.

We often ponder about what was said and done in the past, who and why people said what did and how on earth do you move on from the pain and hurt.

It is with delight to know you can move on from this. Spiritual Reflective Practice aids your spiritual awareness in creating time and space to reflect upon your own life. If you don’t know who you are by now, then you will never be able to deal with your past and move forward into the present.

With careful planning you will become alert to your past progress through life. You will be able to predict your future by relying on your present.

Spiritual Reflective Practice is taught because it aids you to heal your past and to release hidden mistakes, hurts, thoughts and feelings. It can on the positive side provide you with insight into how you became the person you are today. You can see life lessons and create a journey of you.

Where did I come from?

You come from the past and you are able to label each path on the tree of life with what did I learn?

What can you remember from being young? What was your relationship with your friends and family like?

You can take the positive with the smooth, you re-inact your self worth by retracting the times where you felt you dire or disappointed. You can achieve self worth by retrieving the times spent when you had the best of times.

Reflections are based upon asking questions and analysing.

Such as when were you last most powerful? how did you achieve this? who if anyone stole this from you? how will you gain it back?

Healing with reflections in mind.

Reflective practice helps to heal your inner self and become creative. Think of the recent explosion of vision board courses and workshops. This is a journey of survival. The more you can heal and remove the dust from your past through reflection. The more you can aid sleeping patterns, forgive the people including your self to move on from where you were left in the begining.

Healing and Reflection goes hand in hand because it is important for your spirit to know how to change and how this change can take place.

To reflect is to yield and take note of a life journey which can be calculated by standing back and seeing where mistakes were made or achievements were given. Quote-SpiritualHorizons.

Journalling is a good reason to use reflection. It helps to creatively express your inner self and through good measure too. Reflection and journalling go hand in hand, because you need both of them to analyze sincerely and become aware of who you are.

Spiritual Reflective Practice is there to help you conquer a past worth living, so you can see your life progress and heal. It is a strong yearning to heal and forgive, through love and affliction.

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