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Heaven & Love v Fear and Society:Archangel Michael

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Heaven & Love v Fear and Society       

Keyword: FEAR, Love, Archangel Michael, the fight against Fear.

The opposite to love is anything that is negative and in our world there is alot of fear being produced to stop the new loving energies from penetrating you, me and the earth.

Something I have noticed especially living in the UK is the media hype about one minute we are out of a resession and the next minute we are back in the resession. I think it is time we made our own mind up and ignore the media all together. The thing is with people is they follow the crowd and they never wish to become separate from society. Separate in the sense that you are mature enough to make some critical thinking about the way in which you live life in general. In the sense we can all create something more positive then relating our life to something we read in the papers.It stands to reason that the newspapers and society tell you that this is the way in which we live. Is it? because through my own eyes I see a negative view of how society is telling you to live in fear.

Fear is the opposite to Love, so we are either created from love or living in a world of hell. Struggling to cope because we are surpressed into thinking life is hard. Besides this personal viewpoint, I see that life can be more positive if you think in loving terms rather than living in fear.

If you know about Archangel Michael his job relates to banishing fear. Archangel Michael provides heavenly assistance to anyone who needs protection from negative actions or feelings and fear. Fear is a killer and nothing is to big or small from this fiery Archangel. If you need help in anything of any nature, you can be sure to ask him for help. You don’t have to believe in a God per say but a belief in what he does, would help.

I’m so fed up of society and media thinking we are all being killed off, or the economy is slipping into dire straits again. FEAR is the opposite to Love. IF you believe that our creator wants us to be killed by a rogue planet then ye of little faith. Seriously, awaken please because our creator would not swing a planet into us nor would he want to destroy humans just like that. See the fear is coming from media because it will increase and fight against love and what it stands for. thanks.Why are we fearing this? Love because if we are fearing we are not of love. peace.

Will the world end?

maybe for those who promote fear and negative but not for those who believe in love and fully understand the concept.

How will the world end?

if we are in love and love is eternal then what do we have to worry about? If we are in love then the world will keep spinning until natural evolution of the planet earth will take it’s course, which is millions of years if anything.

The basis of my feelings and discussion is the heaven and love v fear and society. I see it alot. I see how society can lead us astray through false lies. Prophecy about end times is a false predicament. If anything will come to an end it is the way in which we live our life. Our life has to change for the better and if you are wise you will here my words.

Society will prise you from my arms and it is leaning against an unbalanced post ofaniquity (channelled).

In and out of resession.

The amount of times I have read about the fight with the economy, I am losing track with the truth. The way I see it is the fact that society is looking for someone to blame. Send that blame back to them. The goverments of the world are in dark times and are needing some prayers from you. Send love to them as they are fighting to keep ownership of you.

Recessions’ are what you create,  the thoughts are based on the battle between fear and love. Fear is disappearing it is losing grip of the dark ones reigns.

The lights such as those who love are in the birthright to receive the light back into the higher realms of our earth. Heaven is on earth.

I get frustrated at how blind and sleep some of us are still and that they don’t see the light of the world as a beacon of what is to come.

Truely believe that our times are begining and the past of darkness and fogginess is in the past.

For evolution is a natural process and we battle with the fundamentals of living.For what is provided to us if in love is everything of abundance. If we live in fear and learn to give in to society and the way they teach us to say no. Then we are not going to benefit everyone.

If thousands read an article of rich dose of negativity, you can choose to believe or not, so it is the same to choose to live a life of love and good cheer. Ignore fear, ignore the media when they talk about fear mongering amongst the world leaders. We live for peace, harmony and love.

To answer the comment “well that never happens or will never happen” that is what I am talking about. I am talking about being positive and believing it can change for the better. The more people who do the more impact we make against Fear. Love is everything, we cannot be with out it.

It is just a thought and an insight.

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