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Reflective Angel Practice

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Reflective Angel Practice created by Spiritual horizons.

A quick summary of R.A.P which is practiced in all of our Courses.


What is Reflection Angel Practice?

To reflect is to look over what we have learned and experienced on our Angel Journey and to gain an awarding friendship with an Angel.

To Journal  or not to journal?

Learning to communicate with our Angels includes being able to express and explore your own individuality.

Keep safe your Angel Lessons from various sources such as reading books, attending workshops, channelling messages and attending courses.

It is a way of documenting your Angel Experiences as they unfold.

To be able to write down your Angel experiences and reflect in years to come would help you to heal and

It is important because:

  1. A way of documenting your own Angel Experiences
  2. Thinking over what you have discovered and learned about your Angels.
  3. Time to think back to how your Angels have answered your prayers through signs and repetitious answers
  4. Reflecting enables you to review your old habits with your Angels and cut them off
  5. Keeping safe Angel Lessons which they will guide you to over the following years.
  6. It’s important to keep a log of your Angel Journey, so for example in two years you can look back and see your progress through healing and learning.             

Using the Gibbs (1988) 

Example of how to use the Gibbs Model within R.A.P.

  • Description: What happened? Example:

I did my first guided meditation to meet my guardian angel.

  • Feelings: What were you thinking, feeling and doing?

I felt a warmth of strong energy surround me like it had enfolded me in a form of love and protection.

  • Evaluation: What was good or bad about the experience? 

It was something I had never felt before and so to me it was a good experience. However, I did not on this occasion see an angel. Perhaps I thought I saw a flutter of wings but I discounted this.

  • Analysis: What sense did I think of it?

I used to be closed minded and this meditation has filled me with love and faith to see, I can communicate with Angels too.

  • Concluded:

I decided to make an effort each night to practice for no more than 20 mins to connect through meditation with my Guardian Angels.

  • Action Plan: If it arose again, what would I do?

Ask the Angels to help me to master meditation and to help me to believe in them more. To become more accepting of using other senses and to not discount the angel wings.


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