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What is Love

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Some people look for love and others drive others who are loving away, but let me respond to you. Lessons are taught through living it, love is within you when you work towards a perfect union of who you are and the union of Love. Love is perfect and it never ceases to protect you, it provides you with the freedom to be who you are and not some one else. Love is an intense lesson because our creator knew you before you were born and you were in perfect union with me.

Love is what you believe it is, it exists within you and it complete when the heart and soul merge to be with each other. Love on the other hand performs miracles when you relax into all that is.

Our Angels are loving arms extended out from our creator, they hold the key to showing you the creator really does love you. Angels are non judgemental, they care about every heart in the world beating music which holds the key to who we are. In the world today, we are too much in our minds, follow the ego, over think and much of the heart's beating is ignored.

So please try not to discount what you read and read this with your heart. Angels are here to perform miracles, we are here to show you the light way of being, instead of living in the dark and being hurt by the dismal daily beatings of "life is hard work", "people do not listen to me", or "people expect everything from me". All the Angels gather around in gentleness and strength to provide a listening ear, but they cannot come and help you because we are not asking enough. They request in loving authority to pick up the heavens' phone and ask for the Angels Team "The A Team" they are loving, empowering, sentimental, they hug, come to the same wavelength to you, take away your pain, they can help teach you other ways about things, help remove blocks from disbelief, disgrunted, disrespect, rudeness, shameful ways, guilty, negativity and fear. Did you know our Angels wish for you to enrich your life with only the best and love is ignored because we don't expect to be loved the way our creator and angels love us.

Yes, our angels perform miracles because we have grown to believe in material gain, when quite frankly we can have much more. When I feel love I feel warmth, comfort, serenity, strength all that is good is placed within and around me.

Our Angels strive to teach

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