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Welcome to my Angel Experiences

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This fascinating set of articles follows one of our graduates as she shares with you, her own angel experiences.

Encountering Angels

First Experience

I had my first experience with seeing an Angel in the physical form when I was 12 years old, and it was in the form of my brother’s twin. One night I was lying in bed when I thought my brother was peeking his head around the door to annoy me and I was shouting at him to go back to bed, which awoke my parents. I had protested quite loudly that it was my brother, they told me off, showed me my brothers room to show he was asleep and I thought (at 12) no more about it. I then heard voices in my head, with warnings or feelings about people, of which I would tell them, and I was dismissed as just being a teenager that may have been a little bit mad hearing voices in my head, of which when you are a teenager (moreso a girl and going through hormonal changes).  I then, thereforth, had heard voices in my head on a regular basis, and decided there and then that what I wanted, when I was older was to help people……. What was your first experience?

How they Interacted with me..

Ten years later, and after a few experiences that I put down to coincidences, sitting in a circle, and being able to give full readings, little did I know that they actually related to angels until I recalled it all back (I have a very good memory for remembering random things). I started a journal of everything I was told, and all the dreams that I had and was telling people that they related too, in recent times, since I found out about being an Earth Angel, and how they just pop a thought into my head, or how they give me a feeling or an energy from messages I receive on a daily basis, the most strongest of how they interact is a feeling I get from people for example, my friend who I don’t see often was meant to be going to a party, and I got a very strong feeling that they weren’t going to this party, and the feeling was right, they didn’t go. I love how my Angels in particular interact with me on a daily basis.  I journal everything down that I get and then determine whether it is ego, or Angels and 9/10 its Angels. Another way my Angels interact with me is through my intuition, I get a very strong intuition when something is going to happen, when something is wrong, or when I get a strong feeling about something . – there are many stories I could recall to you about how my Angels Interact with me – How do yours interact with you?

How I feel/felt

At 12 seeing my first Angel, I was a little scared, why have they come to see me? Why am I special enough to be working with Angels and pass these messages on.. but now, I love it, seriously it is what I live for to feel the love and the presence of my Angels and how they can make you feel instantly. To pass on the messages, and to learn what I am here to do. My life is so enriched everyday and one thing I do everyday is a technique that allows me to open my heart and feel the Angels open my heart to receive love and to give love to everyone, which allows me to relax so that I can receive messages clearer, which makes me feel amazing.  I also have to ground myself and protect my energies but to have this feeling everyday of nothing to worry about, as the Angels take my worries, is out of this world – would love to hear how you feel and what you do to work with your Angels?

If you can relate to Sara you can ask her a question of leave a comment based upon her response to you.



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