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How my Angels saved my life Part three

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How my Angels have transformed my life via a healing issue.

Foreword: This account is incredibly true and touches your heart. Sara is a up and coming Angel Care Practitioner who is a current student of SpiritualHorizons. She indeed set up her own website which is currently in progress where she will be able to share with you her own Angel services, advice and accounts. Meanwhile you can contact Sara via spiritual horizons here or by leaving a comment if you connect with her angelic accounts at the bottom of the page.

Two years ago, I went through quite a serious mental breakdown due to the loss of my job, a loss of a few of my really good friends at that time and other  factors in my life at that present time. I could find no way out of this turmoil which I was in other than at the time. I felt the only thing that I thought was viable to me was to walk into the sea down at a beach (now to others this may seem ok, but I can’t swim…)

Anyhow, something or someone stopped me in my tracks, and I sat on a rock and somewhere a voice in my head that said “don’t do this, everything is going to be ok, please don’t do this... you are here for a greater purpose”.

From that day forward, one slow step at a time my Angels help transform my life, I started to go out again and do the one thing that I love which was my readings and I lost friends through the breakdown, but at the same time I gained new friends who to this day are the best friends I could of every hoped for, they say it is always those you don’t know the most, that become your best friends, and I am involved in every aspect of their life now, even becoming godmother to one of their children this year. I then got the job that I still do today, and made lots of friends and am even going for a promotion now, and all this has been due to the fact that my Angels, have healed me in a way that I never thought possible, they taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was and that there is a whole world out there to be viewed. My angels healed me as I had some nasty wounds from the past, and with the help of my Angels, these issues have been healed. The greatest testament to this has finally being a)able to write about my experiences so I can share it with you all, and b)finally getting the word out there, and starting up my own website about my journey as an Earth Angel, and, all my experiences along the way.

Always believe that your Angels only want what is best for you in this life and can help heal your life and transform it in a way that you would never thought possible. 



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