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Welcome to our Angels & Spiritual Events Area.

Purple Wings

Welcome to our Angel Events. This events page highlights any of our own events or you may advertise your own Angel Workshop or event here to help assist your own company to reach others worldwide or in your local area.

We price our entries based on the following prices. To advertise upon our website Angel Events page. Please contact us first before payment in our shop area.


1  workshop: £5 per workshop date per calender month. So for example you run two workshops and you advertise it three months in advance you get £15 charge. Thank you.

Major events such as mind, body and spirit events are based on a standard £35 per calender month. Thank you.

If you are running a free event or workshop if you get in contact with us. We will honour it and promote it on our events page for free.

Our events page includes anything Angels, Love, Healing and Spiritual workshops based in the UK or around the world.

To book your events page please contact us for details here


Angel Events

This is a basic introduction to events advertised by external companies or by our own events.

Our own events are normally

Angel Workshops, Healing Workshops or up and coming new courses.