About Joanne

About Joanne B.A(Hons).

Joanne has many abilities and skills that she has successfully acquired over a period of time. These skills not only compliment her natural abilities, but they also give her a warmth and strength that is rare to find. She is currently CRB checked Oct 2012 enchanced disclosure as she currently works with children & adults. She has also been trained with the SOVA model of safeguarding of vulernable adults.

An Angel Medium  for the past 10 years. Joanne has worked very closely alongside Archangel Raphael in healing practices and Archangel Michael to share the knowledge that is within herself to others. Her Angel readings are above and beyond and she is highly accredited within this area, always striving towards a positive and outstanding outcome for all.

For many years Joanne has worked as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer, helping others to work through issues towards achieving a lighter, healthier body, mind and spirit. She is a born healer and has a gift that enables her to assist and guide individuals on their spiritual quest to ascend and find peace within the natural world. Her healing abilities often astound people. Having removed daggers, barge poles, cuts and knots in the aura of individuals, She has the ability to remove them and seal cuts and remove negative darker colours from your aura.

 Joanne is a workshop facilitator and she also provides accreditated and licensed online courses.  Her disertation provided extensive research into online education and learning support. Given this research education and training background, Spiritual Horizons certifies provides well researched and prepared courses and workshops and accreditates their own courses because spiritual courses are usually not given academic accreditation status.


The Healing Trust states: "Your file impressed us immensely and it would be an absolute pleasure and a credit to us as an organisation to have you on board. x Vicky Tipping. Membership Co-Ordinator"

Joanne's Qualifications include:

  • B.A(Hons) Education Studies with Healing Arts - Derby University.
  • Institute of Mental Health Peer Support Mentoring L4 Accreditated by Open University and University of Nottingham.
  • Institute of Mental Health Facilitating in diverse environments L4: Accreditated by Open Unversity/Nottingham.
  • ABC BACP Person Centred Counselling - Carl Rogers
  • NFSH Spiritual Healing- The Healing Trust
  • NVQ 3 Advice & Guidance

Recent Workshops have included Road to Recovery 12 week structured course. 6 Week Boost Courses, Colour your life workshop and Introduction to Mental Health.

Modules included: Experiences of Illness, Performance of Healing, Expression in the Arts, The Act of Healing, Mentoring & Coaching, Historical Values of Healing, Healer Relationships, Spiritual Healing Project and Effective Interactions. As a healer it is vital to research areas of healing and Joanne was lucky enough to gain a educational degree in Healing and has used this to progress as a professional intuitive medical healer.

Joanne is a fantastic article writer. If you are interested in any of her work for magazines or profit, please feel free to contact her. Thank you.

You can contact Joanne at any time please feel free to contact her via our contact page.