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Upgraded to Express Paypal

(January 28, 2014)

Express Checkout is PayPal's fastest checkout solution.

Customers can pay easily, quickly, and securely in as few as three clicks. The customer initiates and approves PayPal payments earlier in the checkout process and shipping and billing information is sent immediately from PayPal to your website.                

What this means to you the customer is that https instead of none secure link has now been installed to upgrade and create a equally secure link when making transactions online.

In addition to this, it creates a faster turnaround when making an online purchase such as an angel online course or an angel reading or life coach session.

If you require any further assistance or wish to know any thing regards to making a purchase online with us. Please contact us .


This is enduring a testing period but should not affect any online purchases.

This is fantastic as the whole purchase process will allow you to be quick and fast when purchasing your own courses online.

If you do come across problems please be assured to contact us if we haven't yet contacted you first.

We are sure this will be fine and testing will commence over the next day only.

Thank you



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