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Hierachy of Angels

(December 27, 2015)

Hierachy of Angels

Angels do exist and they come in many forms of energy, the one thing which is universal about each one of them is the pure divine love that they bring which resides within each one of them. They are pure and refined by love on many different dimensions which are seen or unseen to the human eye.

There is a lot of knowledge about Angels documentated which has rightfully been handed down to those who have been blessed enough to write it. This has come at a time when society is wreaked by fear, negativity and war. If you are drawn to our website then the Angels are catching your attention to a powerful new and insightful course.

This is a spiritual and angelic course called the Hierachy of Angels.

This course will take you down a deep inner path of self reflection, powerful new relationships with your Angels and a healing workbook which respects your own self values and a walk with the Angels of honour.

The hierachy of Angels brings you powerful ways of communicating with the various angels who wish to work with you.

Our course is always unconventional, respectful, insightful and it provides you with reflective study, formative assessments, research techniques to come to your own conclusions and lots of spiritual fun which of course stems from our Angels too.

The Hierachy of Angels provides you with an advanced level of interaction and one which you can use to provide a service to others. It is packed with meditations, prayers, invocations, easy affirmations and good intentions. This will allow you the space to free your self and ascend to other dimensions and meet old and new friends known to you as your Angels.

This course has over 50+ pages of Pure Angel Care® and Angel Knowledge® provided by research over the year, pure divine channellings and directives straight from heaven.

This course is due by end of January 2016. Please contact us to be added onto the waiting list.

This course will be available on £ or $ basis and you will receive a free certificate for this course.

You will not be able to practice but you will definately ascend a few notches if not more. This course forms part of the in progress Advanced Ace® course.

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