About Gemma

About Gemma (SHNS.Dip.Dip.) Gemma

Gemma is a congruent natural counsellor, medium and therapist. Gemma prides herself in any work which she undertakes. She is a powerful and natural healer of the minds and she has the authority to make quiet the ego mind. This eventually leads to the stillness of the soul. Gemma's technique is one of many which will help people to evolve into an established ascended being, living on earth at this wonderful time.

Gemma is available for media interviews via any particular media. She has made two appearances to date with Acaciaradio.com. Please contact us for further details.

Gemma leads in credentials of natural healing abilities, she is loyal, determined, professional, sensitive, and she is a creative empath. Her skills lay in detecting emotional turmoil, mediumship, angel card reading and she also has natural counselling skills. She also provides an interesting insight into dreams and past life memory recall. Her list of holistic qualifications and life experiences are important for developing her client base. Gemma holds a SNHS Diploma in Dream Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and about to complete her Past Life Regression Diploma.

Not only this, but she is an angelic medium and channelled medium. The angelic realm has helped both of us in developing independent and individual angelic qualities to provide spiritual service to others.

Indeed Gemma and Joanne like to publicly thank heaven and the angelic/ascended ones for all their love, help, guidance and support.

Her angel readings are detailed and through, she is very passionate about what she does and she also acts as a pure vessel of love, to offer spiritual service to others. Her natural capabilities of counselling are in addition to the counselling skills qualification. She is brilliant, an active listener, caring and very congruent. When you speak to Gemma via any communication medium, she will make sure that you are looked after, comfortable and lifted. Many previous clients have stated that they feel a natural strength and rapport which leaves them feeling empowered and confident. Her channelled messages are always kept as original and pure as possible. Gemma is accredited and qualified to provide a spiritual experience with Spiritual Horizons.

More recently she has created her very own website. This is dedicated to her creation Sweet Dream Therapy

Gemma provides her services to individuals living in the Derbyshire/Staffordshire Area of the United Kingdom.

Gemma's Accreditations Include

  • ABC Counselling Certificate
  • Psychic Development (Short Course)
  • Access Course Humanities and Science (L3)
  • SNHS Crystal Therapy
  • SNHS Dream Therapy
  • SNHS Colour Therapy
  • SNHS Past Life Regression (ongoing)
  • Paranormal Investigator
  • To contact Gemma directly please go to Contact Gemma