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Our heart warming, reflective and all rounded Angel Communication Expert course is for anyone wishing to learn everything about Angels all in one course. Our Angel course is really popular and we have many students who have come from USA, UK, Italy and Australia. It covers all topics including learning about Guardian Angels and their duties, Archangels up to 16 of them, Angel Prayer, Angel signs and answers, Angel Care and Angel Creativity.  Our A.C.E course provides fun and interactive activities to suit online learning. It is now available as an instant download and this means that as soon as you have paid through paypal. You are able to access it instantly and register with course craft our independent course education platform.

This also hold exciting news because this new platform allows new material to be accessed as well as the original workbooks. We have you tube Angel Meditations and also your own student forum to access. So what are you waiting for. Please follow the link either USA or UK sterling and you will even get the first module for free. Please help and share this fantastic course. You will even get a professional certificate at the end of the course.

Thank you for enrolling today. Joanne and Gemma.