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Online Angel and Oracle Readings with Spiritual Horizons.

Welcome to our Angel Readings Service.

We are delighted to provide angel online readings which provide much love, angel guidance and angel channelling. You can now choose three methods in relation to how you recieve your angel reading.

  1. Online Angel Reading
  2. Face to Face Angel Reading
  3. Telephone Angel Reading.

If you choose our online angel reading we will provide you with a genuine and loving angel reading with a minimum of 750 words per angel reading. You can ask a question and in addition to this choose from any of the twelve Angel deck cards. This has confused some people so we have chose to simplfy the matter.

Online Angel Readings

To choose an angel reading online, all you have to do is choose online angel readings, choose your angel deck card and then go through to check out. Our Angels provide you with loving and stress free clear guidance. They don't tell your fortune but angel readings relate often to directions upon your own spiritual life path. Creating healing words and comfort to all those who are looking for direction in life.

Face to Face Angel Readings.

We provide these either in Manchester England or Burton upon Trent. Occassionally we provide these in West Kirby- Hoy lake wirral area but only upon request.

Our Face to face service you will gain one whole hour of Angel reading and channelling, using angel trance channelling, intuitive understandings and the card deck. Please bring a notebook to write down your experiences on the day.

We genuinely add protection and say a prayer of entrance towards our Angels and Saints so we are not psychically bombarded and then it will remain sacred and safe and afterwards we often say thank you as gratitude holds the key to understanding.

Locations: Harpurhey Neighbourhood Centre, Carrisbrook Street. Manchester. M40.

Telephone Consulations

We do this upon request and we have done a fair few. We connect with your higher self and ask for protection in all cases with our Angels. You pay the phone call but we normally will be when it suits you the client and will last no longer than an hour.

Please contact us for further details and make this purchase through the online route thank you.

To order

Simply go to either category and click onto the service you require or you are drawn too.  Click add to basket and then it will take you to our secure checkout with paypal. You can use a paypal account or you can use your debit card. There will always be https: for extra security with paypal and we do not see your credit or debit card details. This is private on all occasions. So trust is the key.