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Learn to Channel Angels.

Learning to channel and Angel looks at the history of learning to Channel and has a look at well known prophets of the past who were approached by Angels to do God's work and to serve Love.

This fantastic course aims to provide you with a deeper insight into communication and channelling as a whole and with an angelic influence.

The course provides you with theory and practical skills to enable you to fully communicate with Angels and Spirits in a safe and protective environment. It will teach you to know the differences between loving entities and those you will require to avoid.

This course is for intermediate to advanced levels and there are course samples in the articles areas.

The difference with this course is that there is a mediumship element to the flow of the course compared to the full safety of the Angel Communication course. It is classed as an advanced level course due to the nature of Psychic development.

  • Introduction to the module Introduction to Angel Mediumship Channeling                    
  • Difference between Angel Channeling and Mediumship The history of Channeling
  • Working with the higher energies
  • Preparing to connect with our Angels and Saints
  • Removing fear from Angel Channeling with Archangel Michael Angel Alignments
  • Channeling with confidence Recognizing your own channeling skills.
  • Ways of channeling and their uses
  • How do the Archangels, angels and saints communicate with you Client Care: Angel Care

This course is certified as a self development and awareness course. It is certificated by Spiritual Horizons as a professional organisation.

We provide you with a professional certificate sent to you within 14 days of finishing your course at no extra cost.

If you wish to see a copy of the certificate, we use professional educational certification certificates and it comes sealed with a wax love heart. Please contact us further information.








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Note: If you are currently in mental distress at this moment whether depressed or any other crown/brow instability. Please refrain from doing this course until you are healed.

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