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We welcome everyone who desires to interact and learn about your Angels. We promote the emotional wellbeing of individuals with the aid of our Angels.

A warm welcome to anyone who desires to learn and

Angels are powerful and withhold the laws set within the universe and provide us with everything that is loving and so be prepared that they will change your world around and provide you with miracles. All we ask is that you open your mind and ask them to guide you to listen to them and to respect your heart and soul and begin a life of love here upon our planet.i

We also provide informative and interactive workshops relating to Angel Communication and also Angel knowledge. This may include Angel meditation, creativity and self reflection. All our amazing and loving workshops allow for time out and a relaxing opportunity to befriend the spiritual world of Angels. We teach from the heart and create an environment which enables you to reach out and touch your Angels and begin an amazing and insightful spiritual journey into your inner self. All our Angel Workshops are educationally designed to suit many learners. We are flexible and all our Angel Workshops are provided with the instinct of helping to promote the acceptance of the belief in Angels within this society.

Angel Workshops include: Basic Tea and Refreshments upon the day. As near to nature as possible and we try to deliver our Angel Workshops with locations which hold facilities to enable the ability for all to participate. So if you are a learner with additional requirements, please do contact us to see if we can adapt our workshops for you.

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Please note all our Angel Workshops are original and inspired by our teams of heaven.